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 Post subject: Tiny Toons Role Play
PostPosted: Friday, October 01st, 2010 - 14:20:06 
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Daria walked slowly up the steps that led to the entrance of Acme Looniversity. She was going slowly because she was trying to take everything in, the landscape, the architecture, and especially the students. She'd never seen so many different species, all rushing inside to get to their first class. If nothing else, she was sure this was definitely going to be a unique academic experience.

A few of the students gave her a funny look as they went by, but nobody said anything to her. She guessed she must stand out a bit, being nearly twice as tall as almost everyone else around her. She stepped inside the main doors, found a directory, and then headed for he main administrative offices. She arrived just as the first bell rang, indicating the start of the 8 O'clock class.

She approached the secretary at the desk in front of her, an old gray-haired woman, who looked up as she drew near. "Um, hello. I'm Daria Morgendorffer, a new student to Acme Looniversity. I was told to come here at 8am."

"Ah, yes! Miss Morgendorffer." Granny said approvingly. "Right on time! Punctuality is very important, you know." She handed Daria a small stack of forms and clipboard with a pen attached to it. "Just fill out these forms and bring them back when you're done."

Daria took the forms and the clipboard and then sat down in a nearby chair to fill everything out.

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 Post subject: Re: Tiny Toons Role Play
PostPosted: Monday, November 22nd, 2010 - 17:21:50 

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A grey squirrel of roughly the same demeanor as Skippy, with large, "cute" eyes, wearing a grey sweater, walked toward the secretary desk as well. He was slightly shorter than Hamton, giving the impression that he was younger, and his eyes gave him an innocent appearance. He looked up toward Granny and his innocent, practically baby-like eyes stared at her. "I'm Louis! Can I get my forms please?" he said in an excited voice, happy to finally go to Acme Loo.

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