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 Post subject: Toon Dating Sim (Idea)
PostPosted: Saturday, February 11th, 2017 - 10:30:34 
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Hearts Of Ink

Premise: You're a human man, thrust into Inkville, a place full of Toons (like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cool World or Bonkers). While your love life is nonexistent in the real world, you decide to settle in this toony city and look for a potential lover. There are 4 different toons you can date:

Jenna Jelly - One of the toons you can date and make love with. A black and white Betty Boop style human toon who is an aging star of sorts. She used to be a really famous and popular cartoon star in the old days but since she's retired, she is now stuck doing commercials for a brand name jelly that's named after her. Of the four datable toons, Jenna is the most grounded and sane compared to Clyde's wacky tooniness and sappy sweetness, Justice's kinkiness and split personality and Sierra's social awkwardness. She's a bit sarcastic and a little bit of a tsundere but she only acts that way because she's depressed over the way modern cartoons have become. Jenna's main goal is to help make traditional cartoons have a comeback and not be reduced to product promotion.

Clyde Lafftrack - One of the toons you can date and make love with. A vest-clad toon spotted hyena with a thuggish look to his design. Because of his species and the way he was drawn, he's always stuck with playing the villain role in his cartoons when in actuality, he's deeply sweet and sensitive. Of all the datable toons, Clyde is the most animalistic in looks being covered with fur, white toon gloves with four fingered hands and having a long snout and tail. Personality-wise, Clyde is basically a more book-smart, gay version of Roger Rabbit or Bonkers D Bobcat. He's very energetic, childlike and affectionate, a total goofball. However, he also often struggles with his own sexuality and tends to cry just as much as he laughs because of constant mistreatment from his peers and abuse from his homophobic director. Clyde is the "gay" option of the toon dating sim and he tends to have the most emotional path of the four (You WILL want to hug poor Clyde MANY times through his path regardless of your own sexuality).

Officer Terri Justice - One of the toons you can date and make love with. A blonde bombshell in a cop uniform. Terri is basically what you get when you cross a police woman with Jessica Rabbit or Hello Nurse. All the men drool at her feet but have zero chance of dating her, the exception being you. However, there's much more to Officer Justice than she lets on. Of the datable toons, she is by far the most kinky and is really into BDSM. She is the only toon who will do things to the player that involve blindfolds, handcuffs and whips. Although she's a police officer, she's also an adrenaline junkie and tends to enjoy living on the wild side. She is also the only toon who will actually MURDER you if you get her worst ending so you gotta be careful with what you say to her!

Sierra Seegee Eye - One of the toons you can date and make love with. A socially awkward CGI scientist girl with red hair, a labcoat and glasses. Kind of resembles an adult, computer animated version of Johnny Test's sisters, Mary and Susan Test. Like Clyde, Sierra struggles with self-esteem issues only they stem from the way she's animated, not her sexuality (She's bi, BTW). She tries to desperately fit in with a crowd of old school toons but she's unable to use hammerspace and pull off your typical toony gags because she's designed for a more action oriented type cartoon geared for more modern audiences. Because of this, she's often ostracized and ends up alone. Sierra is very cute and socially awkward with a personality similar to Alphys from Undertale.

So what do you think?

PostPosted: Monday, February 13th, 2017 - 07:41:41 
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