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 Post subject: What makes a Smurf?
PostPosted: Wednesday, February 08th, 2017 - 21:43:32 
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What Makes a Smurf, What defines one? Is it the clothes or the skin or the size? I dont really know b u then again I never really knew See thing is I have a foot in both worlds. My mother is the only female in the whole of the village and my father well hes a human course i never met him Mom says he was one of the nicest the village ever me t and he took a shot to protect them from gargamel..I have the stature of a human but im still pretty short. Actually Im about 2 apples taller than a normal smurf when in the village and outside im about the size of a 1 year old child sitll pretty big for smur standards but small by human ones . I have caramel brown hair which has streaks of black in it most likely due to moms past. Ive got skin the color of Ash or silver, Well its more of an ashy blue color. I ive with my mother and hae only left the village twice. Once to help the others go pick smurfberries and once to find somehting for papa smurf.I live a happ life and yet somehow i cant help but think something could be better ....Oh well Im happy where i am I mean I have my mother and a larger family than anyone person could wish for My life is just smurfy, nothing to bad happens and im well loved by everyone in the village well almsot everyone Grouchy always says I hate Halflings" But somehow i know deep down he doesnt totally hate me Im the first ever recoded halfling but papa smurf says there might hav ebeen one pior but that smurf lore never recorded it. Im just happy to me Im jsut happy to be myself. Im just bapy being Christopher

ooc this is my first ever smurfs fic its an intro of my halfling oc Christopher

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