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 Post subject: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Thursday, January 05th, 2017 - 08:41:47 
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This is sort of a PB&J Otter spin-off story. Sort of. It's about my fanfic character Nemo Raccoon's little cousin and her family.

Nemo's cousin Jamie was looking forward to spending the day with her parents, but her mom has to work, so now Jamie has to spend the day with her dad, who is not exactly Mr. Dependable.

I think you'll like it.

Daddy and Me

The story begins on a warm early morning in a neighborhood in Raccoon City. The sun is rising,
the traffic is light and the birds are singing. It's the beginning of a brand new day. We now turn
our attention on a house, which the family members Wendy, Rob and little Jamie Raccoon live in.
Let's take a peek inside, shall we? In an upstairs bedroom, we see Rob and Wendy sleeping com
fortably in their own bed. Meanwhile, in Jamie's room, Jamie is still sleeping comfortably in her bed with
her Simba plush doll. It's almost 6:50 A.M. Soon it will be time to get up and get the day started. A lot of
fun and excitement await this family of raccoons. That is, until the call comes. We hear the phone
ringing on the nightstand by Wendy and Rob's bed, and the tired mother and wife Wendy Raccoon
picks it up and answers it.

Wendy: Hello?

On the other end of the line is Franklin Cunningham, who is Wendy's boss at Quickheal Pharmacy,
and he delivers Wendy some disapponting news.

Franklin: Wendy, it's me.

Wendy: Hello, Mr. Cunningham, what can I do for you?

Franklin: I realize that today is your day off, but I was wondering if you could come in anyway.
I need you to do inventory, and since there's a sale today, the store will be swamped with
customers, so I'll need you to handle them as well. Please, Wendy, I'm begging you.

Wendy sighs heavily.

Wendy: I don't know, sir. I have a whole day planned with my daughter and husband, and I just don't
think I'll be able to work today. Can you get Jared to cover for me?

Franklin: Jared can't handle all of the customers and other problems alone. He doesn't have nearly
enough pharmacy experience as you do. What do you say? I'll even pay you double.

Wendy: Okay, I'll see you soon. Bye.

Wendy hangs up the phone, moans and gives herself a facepalm. Rob notices the very disappointed
look on her face.

Rob: Bad news, dear?

Wendy: Yeah, I have to go to work today. Against my will.

Rob: You could've just said no.

Wendy: I know, but what can I do? We need the money, Rob.

Rob tries to comfort his wife by patting her on the shoulder and kissing her on the cheek.

Wendy: What am I gonna do, honey? If I tell Jamie I have to work today, it's gonna break her heart.

Rob: We have a mature little girl, honey. I'm sure she'll understand.

In comes Jamie, a beautiful golden-furred 3 year-old girl with brown spots over her eyes, a green-striped dress that contains vertical and horizontal stripes on it, long brown hair, green sandels to match her dress, a locket around her neck, hoop-shaped earrings attached to her ears, and the cutest smile you've would've ever seen in your life. She says good morning to her parents, climbs on her their bed and then jumps on it.

Jamie: Oh boy, I can't wait! It's gonna be a great day! First we're going to the amusement park...

Wendy tries to get her daughter's attention...

Wendy: Uh, Jamie...

But it was no use. Jamie was too excited to listen.

Jamie: And then the movies...

Rob attempted too...

Rob: Sweetie...

But he failed too.

Jamie: And finally, the toy store!

Jamie said as she did a front filp on the bed. Her parents finally got her attention.

Rob and Wendy: Jamie!

Jamie: Yeah?

Wendy: Come sit between me and daddy, honey.

Jamie sat between her mother and father, and Wendy broke the disappointing news to her.

Wendy: Do you remember my boss Mr. Cunningham?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Wendy: Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news, pumpkin.

Jamie: Oh no, is he alright?

Wendy chuckled to her daughter's question and resumed what she wanted to say.

Wendy: Yes, Jamie, Mr. Cunningham is fine, but what I wanted to tell you was...

She looked at Jamie's face for a moment, and knew that she didn't have the heart to tell her. Instead,
she allowed Rob to do it.

Wendy: Rob, you tell her. I can't do it.

Rob put his arm around Jamie's shoulder and tried to explain the best way he could.

Rob: Jamie, I'm afraid that mommy has to work today.

This hurt Jamie a little bit. Her state of happiness just went to being sadness.

Jamie: Oh.

Wendy: I'm terribly sorry, hon, but I'm needed down there. I really don't want to go, but I have no choice. You're not mad, are you?

Jamie: No. I'm too sad to be mad.

Jamie gets off her parents' bed and goes to her room to be alone with her sadness.

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 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Saturday, January 21st, 2017 - 18:03:28 
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Chapter 2

Wendy: I'll go talk to her.

Rob: Want me to come with you?

Wendy: No, this is something I have to do myself.

Rob: Okay, call me if you need me.

Wendy: I will.

Wendy walks into Jamie's bedroom, which has pink wallpaper on the walls with a couple of Hello Kitty posters on them, stuffed animals on one corner of the bedroom with a few Hello Kitty dolls, pink carpeting, a tea party set, Hello Kitty curtains, clothes all over the floor, and a Hello Kitty bed set. It's the ideal bedroom for a little girl. And on the bed, we find Jamie lying on the side of her body, not facing her mom, still feeling sad. Wendy sits on the side of the bed, trying to explain the situation to her.

Wendy: Jamie, are you okay?

Jamie shakes her head "no" and Wendy pets her gently on the arm.

Wendy: Honey, I know you're feeling down, but your daddy and I really need the money. As hard a worker your father is, he can't work alone just to earn some money. He's gonna need help. To help pay the bills and to buy you stuff.

Jamie and Wendy both laugh.

Wendy: Do you understand what I'm telling you?

Jamie: A little.

Wendy: Okay, how about this: The next time your father and I both don't have to work, we'll go do all those things that we had planned on doing. No interruptions, just one whole day of fun. Sounds like a good plan?

Jamie sat up and felt a little good about the plan.

Jamie: Promise?

Wendy: I promise.

They both hug and smile.

Wendy: Now, it's time for your morning bath, so go get ready for it, and I be with you in a bit.

Jamie: Okay, mommy.

Jamie was on her way to the bathroom, but Wendy interrupts her for a moment.

Wendy: And after your bath, I'll go downstairs and fix your breakfast.

Jamie: Okay.

Jamie said as she resumed to the bathroom. Wendy went back to her and Rob's room. Rob was anxious to know how the talk went.

Rob: So, how'd it go?

Wendy: It actually went fine. She took it very well.

This pleased Rob.

Rob: That's my girl! Good job, honey.

Wendy: (chuckles) Thanks, Robbie. I'm going to give Jamie a bath.

Rob: Okay, darling.

They both kiss and Wendy went to the bathroom. After Jamie's bath was over, Wendy dried her off with a towel, put her in her dress and blowdried her damp hair with a blowdryer. They both went downstairs for breakfast in the kitchen, and Wendy put Jamie in her booster seat at the table. Jamie still needs one at her age. Wendy poured Jamie a bowl of Hello Kitty-themed cereal, poured the milk in and poured a medium glass of orange juice.

Wendy: Enjoy, honey.

Wendy said as she kissed her daughter on the head. Several moments later, while Jamie was enjoying her breakfast, Rob came downstairs to the kitchen, said good morning to his two favorite ladies and kissed his
little one on her furry cheek. Rob was about to go outside and get the morning paper, but then Jamie called for him.

Jamie: Daddy, where you going?

Rob: I'll be with you in a moment, precious, I'm just going to get the paper.

Rob said as he exited the house. Wendy had prepared her husband's breakfast, which were a couple of blueberry pancakes and a cup of coffee. She had wiped her daughter's face, which had food covered on it.

Wendy: (giggles) Oh, Jamie...

A few moments later, Rob comes back in with the paper. He saw his breakfast and Jamie's, but he noticed that Wendy doesn't have hers.

Rob: Wendy, aren't you going to eat anything?

Wendy: I'm just gonna have a cup of coffee. I have to be ready for work in half an hour.

Jamie: Ya have to eat something, mommy. Like you always tell me: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Wendy and Rob both laugh.

Wendy: What a clever girl we have. Okay, I'll have a couple pieces of toast.

After breakfast, Wendy took a shower and got dressed for work. She put on some blue jeans, socks, shoes, a lavender shirt and a lab coat (being that she works at a pharnacy). After she got dressed, Wendy pondered about something: Who's going to watch Jamie while she's away? She opened the drawer from the nightstand in her bedroom, pulled out an address book, looking for her mother's number, picked up the phone and was about to call her until Rob came in.

Rob: What are you doing?

Wendy: Calling mom.

Rob: What for?

Wendy: Something has to watch Jamie, Rob, and you can't do it by yourself.

Rob: Of course I can! I'm resonsible enough!

Wendy challenged Rob.

Wendy: Remember what happened last time I asked you to watch Jamie? We went camping, I had to get something out the car, and I said "Robbie, would you watch Jamie for a sec, I have to get the trail map out of the car." and you assured me that she would be safe. And what happened next, Rob? What. Happened. Next?

Rob: I turned my back for a few seconds and she climbed a tree.

Wendy: A few seconds?! Rob, you and your drunk friends were peeing in a lake!! Why did I let you have beer? I should've known better!

Rob: I stopped having beer, didn't I? For our daughter's sake.

Wendy: I should just call mom. There's no telling what will happen.

Rob: Honey, nothing bad will happen, I promise.

Wendy thought about it for a few moments.

Wendy: Alright, I'll give you another chance, but I don't wanna hear anything similar to what happened last time.

Rob: You won't. Nothing like that could happen in the comfort of our home.

Wendy: I guess you're right.

It was 10:00 A.M. and It was finally time for Wendy to leave. She, Jamie and Rob were on the front porch and she said goodbye to her daughter.

Wendy: I want you to be a good girl for daddy, okay?

Jamie: I will, mommy. I'm gonna miss you.

Wendy: Me too.

They both hugged.

Wendy: I love you so much.

Jamie: I love you too.

Wendy: Okay, Rob, here's my cell phone number in case something goes wrong.

Rob: Thanks.

Wendy kissed her daughter on the forehead and her husband on the lips. She said and waved goodbye and so did her daughter and husband, who was holding Jamie. She unlocked the door to her silver Ford Explorer, went inside, put on some sunglasses, closed the door, and started the car. Before taking off, she waved goodbye once more, and Jamie and Rob did the same. Once Wendy left, Rob and Jamie went back inside and the father/husband shut the door.

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 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 12:56:30 
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Chapter 3

Once Rob and Jamie were back inside the house, Rob put Jamie down on the living room rug, turned on the TV and switched to Disney Junior, which was showing Little Einsteins. Jamie happily climbed on the couch to watch it. Rob went to the kitchen where it was a huge mess! The sink was full of dirty dishes, there were still plates and other things on the table, and the floor looked like it hasn't been scrubbed in a while. Not wasting any time, Rob took care of the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. The kitchen was now spotless. Rob went back in the living room to check on Jamie and noticed that she wasn't watching TV, but was kneeling down on the windowsill supporting the couch, looking out the window and pressing down on it with both paws, wondering when her mother was going to come.

Rob: Jamie, what are you doing?

Jamie: Waiting for mommy to come home.

Rob sighed, got his daughter down from the windowsill, put her on the couch and sat down next to her.

Rob: Sweetheart, mommy has to work all day. But don't worry, she'll be back home tonight.

Jamie: I really miss her, daddy. I don't think I can wait till tonight.

Rob: I miss her too.

Just then, Rob gets an idea.

Rob: I know! If you clean your room and let daddy take a shower, how about I take you to the park? Would you like that?

Jamie: (Smiles.) Yeah!

Rob: Great! You go clean your room while I take a shower.

Jamie: Okay!

Jamie ran upstairs to her bedroom and Rob went to his bedroom closet to pick out what he was going to wear. He decided to wear a white t-shirt, blue jeans, light brown boots, socks and underwear. As soon as he picked out what he was going to wear, he went to the bathroom and started the shower. Meanwhile in Jamie's room, Jamie straightened up all her stuffed animals, made up her bed, put all her toys in the toy box, but couldn't decide what to do with all her clothes, which were lying on the floor. So, Jamie just put them all under her bed. Nonetheless, Jamie's room was now clean. Rob had just finished taking his shower, brushed his teeth and got dressed. Jamie was sitting patiently on one of the stairs. The two were finally ready to get the day started. Rob made sure to carry a cell phone in case Wendy tried to call.

Rob: Okay, let's go!

Rob had locked the front door and carried Jamie to the garage where the car was. It was a red 2010 Ford Taurus and it almost looked brand new. The garage was full of such items as shelves with paint cans on them, a ladder, a lawnmower and many other items. Rob unlocked the car door, put Jamie in her car seat, closed the door, opened the door to the driver's side, closed it, and started the car. Rob drove up to the sensor which automatically opened the garage door. Once Rob drove out of the garage, the door closed. He turned on the radio and switched to the classic rock station. While humming the words to Joe Walsh's Funk #49, he tried to concentrate on his driving. He drove on Emerald Drive, which was the street he and his family lived on, turned left on 3rd Street, turned right on Sly Cooper Avenue and went straight until he reached the park. After parking the car in the empty parking space, he stopped it and took the keys out of the ignition. He got out and let Jamie out, who was ready for some fun in the park. She was jerking her dad by the arm.

Jamie: C'mon, dad! Let's go play on the swings!

Rob: (Laughs.) Easy Jamie, we'll get there.

So Rob and Jamie walked in the park, where there were many happy raccoon children and their happy raccoon parents. The two approached the swings and Rob put his daughter on one.

Rob: Hold on tight, Jamie.

And she did, and Rob pushed her on the swing gently.

Jamie: Higher, dad!

Rob pushed her a little higher and Jamie still wanted to go higher! So, Rob pushed her even higher and it was just right for Jamie.

Jamie: This is so cool!

After Jamie was done playing on the swings, she did other things like play on one of the big slides in the park, took a spin on the merry-go-round, and played on the monkey bars.

Rob: Having fun, Jamie?

Jamie: (Happily.) Lots of fun!

Rob: What do you wanna do now?

Jamie: I'm hungry. Can we get ice cream?

Rob: Absolutely!

The two went over to a cart with a man standing behind it, who was selling the ice cream.

Ice cream man: Hi, may I help you?

Rob: What flavor would you like, Jamie?

Jamie: Vanilla.

Rob: One vanilla cone, please.

Ice cream man: Coming up!

The ice cream man opened the door of the freezer, took a metal scoop, placed the vanilla ice cream on top of the waffle cone and gave it to Jamie.

Ice cream man: Here you go, darling. Enjoy.

Jamie: Thank you!

Jamie said as she licked her ice cream. Rob payed the man, borrowed some napkins and the two went to a park bench to sit down. Politely, Jamie wanted to know if her daddy wanted a lick.

Rob: No thanks, honey. You can have it.

She resumed eating until the ice cream and cone were all gone. Rob used one of the napkins to wipe the ice cream off Jamie's face.

Rob: (Chuckles.) You sure love ice cream, don't ya?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

About two minutes later, a girl named Chelsea, who was Jamie's best friend, came to Jamie and Rob's direction.

Chelsea: Hi, Jamie!

Jamie: Hi, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Wanna play?

Jamie looked at her father for permission and he said "yes". The two went off to play while Chelsea's father Cliff talked with Rob. Meanwhile the girls were busy making a sandcastle in the sandbox, when a Monarch butterfly made its landing on the turret.

Chelsea: It's so pretty!

Jamie: Yeah!

The butterfly flew away and the girls happily chased it.

Jamie: Where ya goin'? We just wanna play with you!

They chased the butterfly throughout most of the park, until it made a landing in a thorny bush. Jamie snuck up on it and Chelsea followed her.

Chelsea: Be careful, Jamie.

Jamie: I will.

Jamie locked eyes on the butterfly she wanted to catch.

Jamie: I got you now.

She attempted to catch it, but just when she was about to grab it, the butterfly flew away and all she caught were the thorns, which pricked both of her paws. Chelsea gasped and looked with concern.

Chelsea: Jamie, are you okay?

But she didn't answer. She looked at the blood oozing from her paws and started crying. Chelsea went back over to where her father and Rob was and reported what had happened. They all hurried over to the bush

where Jamie was still crying and sitting in pain.

Rob: Let me look at your paws, honey.

Jamie show them to her father and he put pressure on the bleeding by covering them with the unused napkins.

Rob: You're gonna be just fine. Cliff, I better take Jamie home. I'll see ya later.

Cliff: I understand, Rob. See ya.

Rob: Thanks for telling me about this, Chelsea. You did the right thing.

Chelsea: You're welcome, sir.

Rob carried Jamie all the way to the car, who was still crying a little bit, but not as much as she was before. After getting Jamie settled in, he started the car and drove home.

At Quickheal Pharmacy, after dealing with stubborn customers, an already exhausted Wendy takes a break and allows Jared to take over behind the counter for a little while.

Wendy: I'll be in the parking lot, Mr. Cunningham.

Franklin Cunningham: Okay, Wendy.

Wendy went to the parking lot and took her cell phone out of her lab coat pocket and dialed Rob's cell number. She didn't know about Jamie's unfortunate event. Will Rob Tell her about it?

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 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 14:47:13 
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That was a pretty good fanfic. It was both funny and touching, and I hope you do more chapters after this one.

 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 15:25:42 
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Oh, sure. The story doesn't end just like that.

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 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 16:20:25 
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I know you would. You're too good for cliffhangers.

 Post subject: Re: Daddy and Me
PostPosted: Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 20:04:42 
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Dang right.

Chapter 4:

While driving home, Jamie continued to cry softly and Rob heard his cell phone playing the Super Mario Bros. theme music from one of the pockets of his jeans. He picked it up and saw that Wendy's name was shown. Thinking about what she said this morning, there was no way she would ever let Rob watch Jamie again after what transpired at the park. He should've did what any father would've done and watched her, but he didn't, so he'll just keep this a secret.

Rob: Oh man, if Wendy finds out what happened, I'm dead!

Meanwhile, back at the Quickheal Pharmacy parking lot, Wendy gave up trying to call Rob's cell phone after the voice answering machine picked up.

Wendy: That's weird, he didn't answer. His phone must be turned off. Oh well, I'll trying calling our home phone number.

Wendy dialed the numbers and of course, there was no answer, so that answering machine picked up as well.

Wendy: Hi, Robbie, it's me. The reason I'm calling is to tell you that if you're going to the park this afternoon, PLEASE be sure to bring a first aid kit with you in case Jamie sustains any injuries, and when you and Jamie come home, make sure that she takes her nap. You know how cranky she gets when we go anywhere. Well, that's all I wanted to say, see you and Jamie later. Love you both. Bye-bye.

Wendy closed her cell phone, put it back in her lab coat pocket and went back to work, feeling concerned.

Wendy: I hope Rob calls.

Back in the Taurus, Jamie's bleeding finally stopped and Rob looked at poor Jamie from the rear view mirror and told her to keep something from mommy.

Rob: Jamie, listen very closely, princess, mommy must never find out what happened today. This will be your secret and mine, okay?

Jamie nodded her head, even though she was really against the idea. When Rob came to his house, the garage door automatically opened, he parked the car, the door closed, he got out and let Jamie out, he closed both doors to the car and locked it. Rob held Jamie, went into the living room and put Jamie on the couch. He went into the closet, grabbed the first aid kit closed it.He placed the first aid kit on the coffee table, opened it and took out the antiseptic spray. He took the top and pointed the nozzle at one of Jamie's wounded paws.

Rob: Okay, Jamie, just relax while I spary this on your cuts.

But Jamie just freaked out and hid her paws underneath one of the couch's cushions. She was shaking too.

Rob: What's wrong?!

Jamie: That stuff stings!

Rob: Sweetie, I know you don't like getting stung by this stuff, but it's gonna help your cuts. Okay?

Jamie sighed as she took her paws out from under the cushions.

Jamie: Okay.

Rob: Good. Now, when I spray this stuff, I want you to be a big, brave girl, okay?

Jamie didn't answer.

Rob: Jamie...

Jamie: Okay, daddy.

Rob: Okay, here we go.

Rob sprayed the first paw and Jamie winced and squealed in pain. Then he sprayed the other paw and Jamie winced and squealed again. Once it was all over, Papa Raccoon became overwhelmingly proud at how brave his big girl was.

Rob: See, that wasn't so bad, was it? I'm very proud of you for being big and brave, Jamie.

Rob said as he kissed Jamie on the left cheek. Jamie was feeling a little good about her father being proud and that the pain would soon go away.

Rob: Again, I know that you don't like this stuff, but it's better than going to the doctor for a shot.

Jamie: (Laughing.) Yeah, it really is.

Rob wrapped both of Jamie's paws in bandages, put the antiseptic spray back in the first aid kit, put it back in the closet, closed it and checked the messages on the answering machine. After hearing the message that Wendy left, he became nervous because he knew he forgot to bring the first aid kit when he and Jamie went to the park, but he had the satisfaction of knowing that Jamie was already taken care of. He payed attention to the other task, though, telling him to make sure that Jamie took her nap.

Rob: Okay, Jamie, you heard mommy. She wants you take a nap.

Jamie: Aw, daddy, do I hafta?

Rob: Yeah, but it's only for an hour. You need to rest your paws.

Jamie: (Sighing.) Fine.

So Rob picked Jamie up and took her upstairs to her bedroom, placed her on the bed, handed her a plush Hello Kitty doll to help her sleep, took her green sandals off her feet and placed them on the side of the bed.

Rob: Sleep tight, honey.

Rob said as he closed the door on his way out. He went downstairs, lied down on the couch, and turned on the TV. The channel he was showing a documentary called Yogurt: Why Nobody Likes it, But Everyone Eats It. After a couple of minutes, the program began to bore Rob.

Rob: (Yawning.) Who in the world would find this stuff relevant? I'd rather watch snails race than this. Man, I could use a little nap myself.

Rob had drifted off to sleep from the uninteresting program. Meanwhile in Jamie's room, Jamie had tried to sleep, but she was too busy tossing and turning. All she could do was think about her mother. She took the Hello Kitty doll, got off the bed, went over to her big, pink dresser, climbed in the chair and looked at all of the pictures stickered to the mirror, one of which featured Jamie when she was first born. Her mother was in the hospital bed. She was smiling as she held her newborn daughter. Jamie was asleep in her arms. This touching moment made Jamie miss her mama even more and she decided that enough was enough. She was going to pay her mom a visit.

Jamie: C'mon, Kitty, we're outta here.

Now comes the big escape. Jamie gently turned the doorknob to her bedroom, tip-toed through the hallway, went down the stairs slowly, but there was squeaking.

Jamie: Shhhh. Quiet, stairs, you'll wake daddy up.

Jamie quietly made it down the stairs without waking her father up. Now it was time to get through the living room, which was going to be a little easier since Jamie didn't have her sandals on. The young escapee tip-toed through the living room where her father was sleeping. She was almost out of the living room, when suddenly her father was waking up. Jamie gasped and quickly hid under the coffee table. Rob, not knowing what's happening, turned the TV off and continued his rest on the other side of his body.

Rob: That show makes a good sleeping pill. It's the cure for Insomnia.

He went back to sleep and Jamie continued her escape.

Jamie: (Relieved.) Phew.

She went to the front door, but couldn't reach the lock above the doorknob because she was too small. So she went into the kitchen, pushed the chair just a few inches to the door, climbed it and turned the lock, turned the knob and opened the door just a little bit. She pushed the chair a few feet away from the door and out she went. When she was outside, she closed the door, but not all the way.

Jamie: (Happily.) I did it! I mean, WE did it, Kitty!

Jamie left the property that belongs to her and her family and hummed happily down the sidewalk. She felt close to seeing her mom. But just then she gasped. Sam the mailman was approaching. And Jamie knew that if she were caught trying to escape, she was going to be in big trouble. Quickly thinking, Jamie hid under the blue mailbox, so Sam couldn't find her. Sam had put all the mail in the box and closed it, but then he heard a sneeze. He looked under the mailbox and saw that it was Jamie sneezing. Sam looked confused, but Jamie just smiled innocently.

Sam: What's a pretty, young lady like you doing out here?

Jamie: Well. you see...

Sam: And where are your shoes?

Jamie: They're inside.

Sam: And what happened to your paws?

Jamie: I hurt them. Look, I was just trying to get to my mama.

Sam: Oh, I see. You miss her, don't you?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Sam: You're Rob and Wendy's daughter, aren't you?

Jamie: Yes, sir.

Sam: Well then, I gotta take ya home. Your daddy's probably worried sick about you.

Jamie: Please don't tell daddy.

Sam: I'm sorry, hon, but I have to.

Jamie: I'll give you my kitty if you don't tell.

Sam: (Laughing.) No, thanks. I don't get into Hello Kitty. Now come on, Jamie. Bring your kitty too.

Jamie: (Sadly.) Okay.

Sam took Jamie out from under the mailbox and took her home. What will her father say when he finds out she escaped?

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PostPosted: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - 05:40:06 
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Another good chapter. It wa every bit as emotional as the last one, yet didn't feel forced. You certainly have a way with writing.

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It's always a good idea to add humor and emotion in a story. This one kind of relates to real life. Kind of.

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Cool! What element related to your life?

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What I was getting at was, these is a story about anthropomorphic raccoons getting into human-like situations. That's what I was talking about.

Chapter 5

Sam rang the doorbell to Jamie's home and Jamie had a mad look on her face because Sam ruined her plans to escape and go see mommy, which wasn't going to work anyway, considering the traffic in the streets. Rob woke up and went to the door. He was perplexed that the door was already opened and the chair was right in front of it. He worried about that later and answered the door.

Rob: Hi, Sam, what can I...

But just when he was about to finish his question, he asked another one.

Rob: Jamie, what're you doing outside?!

Sam: (Chuckles.) Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, sir. I was walking down this sidewalk, and just when I was about to put the mail in the mailbox, I came across this little explorer.

Rob didn't like what he was hearing and he looked at his daughter in a disappointed way. This made Jamie a little nervous.

Sam: I think she's a little sad 'cause her mommy's working today.

Rob: Well, she knows she shouldn't be outside without her mom's permission or mine. Thank you for bringing her home, Sam, but if you'll excuse me, my daughter and I need to have a little talk.

Sam: Now, go easy on her, Rob, she's only 3.

Rob: I know.

Sam handed Jamie over to Rob.

Sam: Well, I guess I'll be goin' now. See ya, Rob. Take care, Jamie.

She gave Sam a raspberry.

Rob: Jamie! Sorry about that, Sam, see ya around.

Rob closed the door and took Jamie to the living room for the talk. He put her on the couch.

Rob: Jamie, I am very disappointed in you.

Jamie: I know.

Rob: You know you're not supposed to be outside, especially during your nap! You could've been hurt or kidnapped. Jamie, the world's a scary place and it's full of scary people. I realize that you miss mama and so do I, but you can't just take off and go all the way to her job and see her by yourself. That's dangerous! Are you listening, Jamie?

Jamie nodded her head in a sad way. Rob was feeling sympathetic.

Rob: Jamie, sweetheart, if anything happened to you, I just don't know what I'd do. You're my baby, the most important raccoon in my life. Next to your mom of course.

Jamie: Really, daddy?

Rob: That's right, now give me a big hug.

They both hugged.

Jamie: I love you, dad.

Rob: I love you, too, Jamie.

The two released after hugging and Rob laid down the law.

Rob: Okay, you're off the hook this time, but if you do it again I'll have to punish you. Are we agreed, young lady?

Jamie: Uh-huh.

Rob: Good. How did you push the chair all the way to the front door anyway?

Jamie: I just did.

Rob: You did? My, what a strong girl you are.

Jamie giggled at this and Rob played the blame game...on himself.

Rob: You know, I shouldn't be too mad at you for escaping. I should be mad at myself.

Jamie: How come?

Rob: Because I was supposed to be watching you, again, but I didn't do it, again. I'm so ashamed.

He made a facepalm and sweet, little Jamie felt sorry for him.

Jamie: Aww, it's okay, daddy.

She said as she kissed her dad on the cheek.

Rob: Thanks, Jamie, that makes me feel better. Are you hungry? You never had lunch yet.

Jamie's stomach growls.

Jamie: Yeah!

Rob: Yeah, let's go have lunch!

The two went to the kitchen and had a late lunch together.

Back at Quickheal, the very young, but very valiant employee Jared was hard at work at the counter, serving a mother and her baby, while the other valiant, but very exhausted Wendy was busy dealing with a stubborn, elderly raccoon by the name of Edna Myers. She was just about pay for her items, when there's a problem.

Edna: I have been a customer here for over 50 years, how come you won't give me my arthritis pills?

Wendy: Because you don't have a prescription, Mrs. Myers.

Edna: I told you, I tried to get a prescription from my doctor for the past two days, and he wasn't in his office the past two days! Can't you just let me pay for my pills?

Wendy: I'm sorry, ma'am, but it's against store policy.

Edna: (Angrily.) Well, then this is the last time I shop here. You can't tell your manager the same. I'm taking my business elsewhere!

Wendy: Mrs. Myers...

She tried to get Edna's attention, but it was no good. She had already left the store without getting the things she was about to pay for. Wendy, who was feeling bad, stocked all the items back on the shelves and Franklin came out to see what was going on.

Franklin: Everything okay, Wendy?

Wendy: Not really, sir, we just lost one of the store's best customers.

Franklin: Edna Myers? But why?

Wendy: Well, she wanted to pay for her pills without a prescription, but I told her it was against store policy. The next I knew, she angrily left the store without paying for her other things.

Franklin: You did the right thing. I'm proud of you for handling the situation well.

Wendy: You mean you're not mad?

Franklin: Mad? Not at all! Someday, if we're lucky, maybe Edna will return, but until then the store can do

just fine without her. Would you like to take another break?

Wendy: That'll be fine, sir.

But just as Wendy was about to leave, we hear Jared speak for the first time in this story.

Jared: Is there anything I can do for you, Wendy?

Wendy: No thanks, Jared.

Jared: Okay, but if there's anything I do, you just name it.

Wendy: I will, later. (To Franklin.) What a nice boy.

Franklin: (Chuckles.) Yes, he is.

Wendy went outside to her Ford Explorer, took out a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a purple lighter from the glove compartment, took one from the pack, put the cigarette in her mouth and lit it with her lighter. She just comfortably sat in the passenger side of her Explorer and puffed away, trying to take her mind off work and focus on her family life. Rob had quit drinking of course, but does he know that Wendy smokes?

After lunch was over, Rob and Jamie just spent the rest of the afternoon being out of the house. They did some grocery shopping, went swimming at the community pool and went to see a movie, which was a Hello Kitty movie. Rob, of course was disgusted by its cuteness, but Jamie wasn't, and as long as his little girl was happy that's all that mattered to him at that point. Throughout the day, most people wondered why Jamie's paws were covered in bandages, but Rob explained the situation. When they got home from the movies, it was about 6:30 at night. It was almost time for dinner and it wouldn't be long before Jamie got ready for bed. Rob had prepared one of Jamie's all time favorite meals: spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, Rob had made Jamie a special treat for dessert, even though she wasn't allowed to have it at night: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Jamie: I don't know. Mommy said I can't have it at night, 'cause she's afraid it'll keep me up all night.

Rob: I think you'll be okay. You haven't had it in a while and you know how much you love it.

Jamie: Well...

Rob: You have nothing to worry about.

Jamie: I guess it'll be okay.

Rob: That's the spirit! Dig in!

Jamie ate her ice cream and afterwards, she was feeling a little strange. The ice cream had filled her with pep. She was now restless! Rob looked on with concern, but he still thought that nothing could go wrong, because the hyperness would soon go away. He took her upstairs to the bathroom for her evening bath and on the way, Jamie was giggling and twitching uncontrollably. The pep was still inside her system.

Rob: Honey, calm down, you're gonna make me drop you!

In the bathroom, Rob put Jamie down on the little turquoise bathroom rug. He tried with effort to take her dress and sandals off, but she was still twitching! Once he got them off, he ran Jamie's warm bath. She eventually stopped twitching, but was now shaking and still giggling and smiling. The phone rang and Rob was about to go answer it, but stopped the running bathtub water first.

Rob: Wait here, Jamie, I'm gonna see who's calling, okay?

Jamie giggled insanely and Rob was feeling a little scared now. He went into the hallway and answered the phone and it was Wendy, who called to let Rob know that she would be home at 8:00 and to have Jamie in bed by then. He paid attention to the order given to him. Behind Rob's back, Jamie walked out of the bathroom, tip-toed down the hallway, went down the stairs, pushed a chair from the kitchen to the front door again, opened it and went outside again! Only this time she climbed up the drainpipe at the front of the house (The pep made her do that.), climbed to the very top of the roof and sat on it. All of this was too unreal, but pep can make you do some crazy things! When Rob and Wendy said their goodbyes, they hung up and Rob went back into the bathroom to check on Jamie, only to discover that she wasn't there.

Rob: Oh, no! Where is she?

He searched all around the house and found that the front door was open and a chair was in front of it.

Rob: Not again!

He looked all over the front yard in the evening sunlight, both sides of the house, in the yard and on both sides of the concrete, but still couldn't find her.


The sound could be heard thoughout all of Raccoon City. He was feeling depressed, but when he looked up he saw that his daughter was on the roof in the moonlight and under his nose the whole time!

Rob: Jamie, what're you doin' up there?! In fact, HOW did you get up there?!

Jamie giggled again without giving an actual answer.

Rob: (Frustrated sigh.) Never mind. Hang on, I'm gonna get a ladder and get you down.

Rob went inside the garage to get a ladder. The neighbors came outside of their homes and cars that drove on Emerald Drive stopped. Everyone glued their eyes to the one roof with the adorable little girl on it. You could hear such responses as: :Oh, the poor dear, she must be frightened." and "I hope the parents are doing something about this." Rob finally came out with a ladder and his good friend Cliff approached him trying to get some answers.

Cliff: Rob, what's going on?! What's Jamie doin' up there?!

Rob: I'll explain later, Cliff.

Rob leaned the ladder against the horizontal drainpipe of the house and climbed while Cliff held the ladder.

Rob: Come on, Jamie, just come down from the roof gently and I'll get you down from here.

Jamie turned around, giving her father the cold shoulder. The growing crowd on Emerald Drive gasped.

Rob: Jamie, I'm not kidding!

She didn't respond.

Rob: Jamie Cassandra Raccoon, get your golden bottom here this instant!

Jamie: No!

Rob: I don't what else to do, Cliff. If I try to get her down myself, she might do something dangerous.

Cliff: Try calling the fire department.

Rob: I can't. Wendy would kill me if she found out about this. But I know who I can call. Cliff, I'm gonna go back in the house and try to make an important call to Lake Hoohaw. See if you can Jamie down, but don't scare her! Understand?

Cliff: Got it!

So Rob got down and Cliff went up. He went back to the phone and dialed the number of Daniel and Monica, who are his brother and sister-in-law.

Rob: I sure hope Nemo's home.

Stay tuned for the exciting for the exciting conclusion of Daddy and Me.

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Thanks for clearing that up! I agree with this being a relatable scenario for anyone. I used to hate being alone as a kid, and would go crazy if no one was in the house. Fortunately, I've gotten over it now.

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Chapter 6

In beautiful Lake Hoohaw, we now turn our attention to the other Raccoons, Daniel, Monica and Nemo. Daniel was busy reading a book in his study on the history of art, Monica was watching a crime series on television and Nemo, who was almost ready for bed, was lying comfortably on his bed listening to rock music on his MP3 player. Just then, the cordless phone rang, and Monica answered it.

Monica: Hello?

Rob: Monica, it's great your voice again!

Monica was less than enthusiastic hearing her brother-in-law's voice, because she was reminded of all the times Rob was so rude.

Monica: Rob...I wish I could say the same.

Rob: Aww, are you still mad at me?

Monica: Well, you DID overflow the toilet at last year's Christmas party.

Rob: I told Daniel not to let me have any cheese! He knows that it upsets my stomach, but does he listen? Noooooooooooo!!!!!

Monica: Uh-huh. And I still haven't forgot about the time you and your drunk, idiotic friends were urinating in the lake while poor, lonely, litte Jamie climbed a tree, not knowing she could fall.

Rob: I got distracted, okay?!

Monica: I bet. Anyway, what do you want?

Rob: I want to talk my nephew, Nemo.

Monica: What for?

Rob: It's important. Please, Monica!

Monica: Fine. (Shouting.) Nemo!

Monica was going to upstairs to Nemo's bedroom, until Daniel approached her.

Daniel: Who is it, dear?

Monica: It's your brother, and he wants to talk to our son about something.

Daniel: Gee, I wonder what it's about. Let me talk to him.

She gave Daniel the phone.

Daniel: Rob, are you there?

Rob smacked his forehead with his paw, because he only wanted to talk to Nemo, but he tried to act natural.

Rob: Hey, bro, how's it goin'?

Daniel: Uh...fine. Is everything okay?

Rob: Of course! I just have to talk to Nemo about something really important.

Daniel: Can't you tell me? We ARE brothers. We're supposed to tell each other everything.

Rob: I can't. I can only tell Nemo.

Daniel: Well, okay, if it's that important.

Rob: Thanks, Dan, I appreciate it.

Daniel: Don't mention it.

His wife wanted to know what was going on with Rob.

Monica: Well...

Daniel: He really wants to talk to Nemo, so I'll give the phone to him.

Monica: I wonder if he's in some kind of trouble.

Daniel: I hope not.

They both went upstairs, and Daniel knocked on Nemo's bedroom. He tried to get his attention, but he didn't answer. So, he finally went in to discover that Nemo was rocking out the whole time, humming the music to the song and pretending to play the electric guitar. He finally noticed that his mom and dad were in the room, so he stopped playing the song and put the MP3 player down on his bed.

Nemo: Yeah, dad?

Daniel: Your Uncle Rob is on the phone, and he wants to talk to you about something in private.

Nemo: (Happily.) Uncle Rob?! Oh boy, I haven't talked to him in so long!

Daniel: Here's the phone. We'll be downstairs if you need anything.

Nemo: Okay, see ya.

Daniel: Bye.

His dad gave him the phone, closed the bedroom door and the parents went back downstairs into the living room.

Nemo: Hi, Uncle Rob!

Rob: Nemo, how are you, kid?

Nemo: Good, how are you?

Rob: (Sighing.) Not so good. I need your help with something, son.

Nemo: Sure, what is it?

Rob: Well, you see, I was just about to give Jamie a bath, then suddenly the phone rang, and it was your Aunt Wendy...

Nemo: Mm-hmm.

Rob: And while I was busy talking to her, Jamie snuck out of the bathroom, went out of the house in the nude, and climbed on the roof of our house.

Nemo: (Gasps.) Oh, no! That's terrib...wait a minute. There's no way she couldn't have climbed up there without a ladder.

Rob's memory refreshes. He remembered that he gave Jamie some ice cream for dessert earlier that night, and he finally realized that the sugar got inside her and made her strangely different.

Rob: I think I know how she got up there. I gave her some ice cream tonight, and obviously the sugar from it made her the way she is, and it would explain how she got on the roof.

Nemo: (Laughing.) Yeah, Jamie has a thing for sugar. When she has too much of it, look out!

Rob and Nemo both laugh at this.

Rob: Well, anyway, do you know what to do?

Nemo: Before I answer that, I have a couple of questions of my own.

Rob: Shoot.

Nemo: Is there anyone watching Jamie at the moment?

Rob: Yeah, my friend, Cliff.

Nemo: Okay, good. And when is Aunt Wendy coming home?

Rob: In about 37 minutes.

Nemo: That doesn't give you much time. Okay, here's my plan: Since Jamie is feeling restless, and it's

getting close to her bedtime anyway, why don't you try making her some warm milk?

Rob: I don't know, Nemo, Jamie had warm milk before, and she hated the taste.

Nemo: Yeah, but warm milk is known for putting people to sleep.

Rob: I still don't know if I should try it.

Nemo: Do you have any full soda cans in the fridge?

Rob: Yeah.

Nemo: Well, what if you made her think it was soda? That'll get her sweet tooth's attention. Once you make the warm milk, you can pour the soda out of one of the cans and put the milk in!

Rob: That's a great idea! I'll try it!

Nemo: But you have to be quick. You have to make sure Jamie drinks the warm milk, falls asleep and is in bed, but more importantly, you must do it all before Aunt Wendy gets home. Can you do all that?

Rob: You bet!

Nemo: Hurry, you don't much time!

Rob: Okay, I'll talk to ya later!

Nemo: Bye!

Rob: Bye!

They both hung up, and Rob went straight to work. He went into the kitchen, took out a recipe card from the wooden holder on the counter and read the instructions on how to make warm milk. He followed all of the instructions while making the milk. Once it was made, he tasted it to make sure it was done right. And judging from the disgusted look on his face, it was. He took a full soda can out of the refrigerator, poured it into the kitchen sink and poured the warm milk in it. Then finally, he went outside, and the crowd on Emerald Street was growing bigger. There were news reporters, police officers and more Raccoon City citizens, who were being barricaded by the police. The situation had gone from bad to worse. Rob went over to talk to Cliff, who was still watching Jamie, while trying to avoid the question-filled reporters and loud complaints from the angry crowd.

Cliff: Rob, thank God you're here! Look at this!

Rob looked at Jamie on the roof, and he couldn't believe his eyes. She was walking on top of it, like it were some kind of balance beam! The sugar had really gotten to her now.

Rob: (Gasps.) Hang on, baby, daddy's coming! Come down, Cliff, I'm taking over now.

Cliff came down from the ladder and held it while Rob climbed. He showed his daughter the soda can filled with warm milk, trying to get her attention.

Rob: Jamie, look what I got for you: A soda.

Jamie stopped balancing, and stared on the soda can.

Rob: (Using baby talk.) Yeah, you want the yummy soda, don't you?

She nodded her head.

Rob: Come to daddy, and you can have the yummy soda, but you have to climb down very carefully, okay?

She nodded, and climbed down slowly towards her father, and he grabbed her in his one open arm without any problems...except one. Before they attempted to climb down the ladder, Jamie was reaching for the "soda", which could cause an accident for her and her father. The crowd gasped with anxiety. Rob tried to calm her down.

Rob: Jamie, listen to me: You can have the soda, but not till we both climb down safely to the ground, okay?

Jamie: (Whining.) Awww.

Rob: You can do it. All you have to do is hold on to my neck and body as tight as you can. Do you think you can do that?

She thought about it.

Jamie: (Nodding.) Uh-huh.

Rob: That's my girl! Let's do it!

Rob took one step at a time, while little Jamie held on for dear life. The crowd, reporters and Cliff all looked on nervously. Then finally, the two raccoons made it safely to the ground. The crowd applauded wildly, knowing that the problem was all over.

Cliff: That was really cool, man.

Rob: Thanks.

They both shook paws, and the male police officer walked over to talk to Rob.

Cliff: Well, see ya tomorrow.

Cliff went home, trying to avoid the cop.

Police officer: I was going to arrest you for child negligence and have the child taken into custody, but after witnessing that heroic effort, I think you're entitled to an award.

Rob: Thank you, officer.

Police officer: You and your little one take care, okay?

Rob: We will, thanks.

The police officer left him and his daughter, and tried to get the crowd to go home.

Police officer: Alright, folks, nothing more to see here, go on home.

And they did, and so did the drivers, whose cars were being blocked by the people. Once the situation finally calmed down, Jamie and Rob returned to their normal ways. Well, almost. The news reporters and crews came back with their questions, and Rob took the time to answer them.

Reporter 1: First of all, sir, why is your daughter naked and why are her paws covered in bandages?

Rob: She's naked because I was going to give her a bath, but then this whole problem got started. And the reason her paws are covered in bandages is because she had an accident with a thorny bush today at the park and I took care of her while she was hurt.

Reporter 2: Well, you're certainly a good, loving father.

Rob: Thank you.

Reporter 3: I bet you're glad it's all over, huh?

Rob: I sure am. Now if you people will excuse me, I have to give my daughter her bath and then take her to bed.

Reporter: 3: Absolutely, take care.

Rob: You too, bye.

The reporters and news crews left, and Rob and Jamie went inside. He closed the door.

Jamie: Daddy, can I have my soda now?

Rob: Sure, honey, here ya go.

He gave her the soda and she drank it. And as expected, Jamie had a grossed-out look on her face.

Jamie: Yuck! Hey, this isn't soda, this is...(Tiredly.) I feel sleepy.

She tiredly fell right into her father's arms. At last, she was sleeping like a baby. Rather than give her a bath, Rob took her upstairs to her room, put her in her purple Hello Kitty pajamas, which he took out of one of the drawers, put her to bed, tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.

Rob: Sweet dreams, Jamie.

The real conclusion is in the next chapter.

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Chapter 7

Rob closed the bedroom door, drained the tub in the bathroom, went downstairs to the living room couch to relax and waited for his wife to get home. Not long after, she did. She unlocked the front door with her house key, opened it, and closed it.

Wendy: (Shouting.) I'm home!

Rob came to greet her.

Rob: (Silently.) Shhh. Not so loud, Jamie's asleep.

Wendy: Sorry. How was your day?

Rob: Pretty good, how was yours?

Wendy: Horrible. I'm just glad to be home.

Rob: I'm sorry, dear.

He said as they both kissed.

Wendy: This job has driven me to the point where I have to smoke cigarettes.

Rob: Since when do you smoke?

Wendy: A few days ago. I thought about it, and I'm going to seek help, okay?

Rob: Okay, don't worry about it tonight. We'll talk more about this in the morning.

Wendy: I'm going upstairs to check on Jamie.

Rob: Alright.

Wendy went upstairs, went into Jamie's room, opened the door and was to pleased to see her resting so comfortably. She tried to wake her sleepy daughter up.

Wendy: Honey, wake up. I'm home.

Jamie moaned and took a good at her mother. She was so delighted that she was finally home!

Jamie: Mommy, you're home!!

But when she hugged her, Wendy discovered the bandages.

Wendy: (Gasped.) Rob!!

Rob rushed upstairs, knowing that he was in for it now.

Rob: Yes, dear?

Wendy: What happened to Jamie's paws?!

He came clean.

Rob: (Sighs.) Today, at the park, Jamie and Chelsea were chasing a butterfly, and it made a landing on a thorn in a bush. Jamie was about to catch it, when all of a sudden, she catches the thorns instead of the butterfly, which flew away.

Wendy: Were you watching her when this happened?

Rob: No, Chelsea told me what happened. I was so busy talking to her father. I'm sorry, Jamie. Sorry, Wendy. I did take care of her when she was hurt.

Wendy: Well, I'm glad she's alright now. What else happened today?

Rob told her everything that had happened, from the escape outside this afternoon to the bathtime situation tonight. Wendy had forgiven Rob, but she was convinced that he wasn't as responsible today as she hoped he would be.

Jamie: Mommy, please be don't be mad at daddy. He still took good care of me today.

Wendy: I know, dear, I'm mostly just disappointed that he didn't tell me about these things over the phone. I need to talk to daddy alone, and you need your sleep.

Jamie: Okay, good night.

Rob and Wendy: Good night.

They made their exit out of Jamie's room. Later that night, in their own bed, Wendy came to a decision about who will watch Jamie in the future.

Wendy: Okay, here's the plan: The next time, I have to work and you don't, you will be allowed to watch Jamie again.

Rob: Yes! Thank you so much!

Wendy: Only you won't be alone while watching her, someone will be joining you.

Rob: Don't say it.

Wendy: My mother.

Rob: Aw, come on, Wendy, anyone but your mother!

Wendy: My mind's made up.

Rob: I'm begging you, please reconsider!

Wendy: Nope.

Rob: I said I was sorry!

Wendy: My decision is final.

Rob: Aw, man!

Wendy: (Giggling.) Good night, Robbie.

Wendy said as she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He grumbled and they went to sleep.

The end

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That was a nice way to wrap it up. Jamie finally being with her mom again just gave me a good feeling inside. Glad to know that I hope you do some more fanfics in the future.

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