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Welcome to the best day of your life. That's what they always tell you when you first enroll in Acme loo but What they don't Tell you is all the hard work and dedication it takes to get here how hard it is to stay once you get here and how hard you have to work. Heck I'm sure no one even tells you what you have to do to even try to get in, Sure they all say Pefecto prep is better but they don't tell you its full of nothing but Disney reject wanna bes and Villains that cant even pull off a good villain thing. Me I know where I'm going I'm heading for the top of the class . I'm working my way up to valid Victorian and I'm going to make sure of it. I decided t once and for all I'm going to make due with what I have and get to be top toon even if it takes a few missteps and a few broken hearts of mine.
I may be the one everyone looks at and backs away from I may have a certain eau du perfume as it were but I'm still a good person . I have my quirks but I am all in all a great person and a great friend. As it stands I have no on e to love and I live in a dump As it stands I'm alone with my friends and a few romance novels to soothe my broken heart and shattered dreams of romance. Though There is a charming Pig who seems to like to see me and seems to enjoy making me happy. He is charming and I guess were one in the same he and I were both thought of as dirty stinky and disgusting and yet he and I are nothing of the sort heck hes even a neat freak and clean freak. As it stands I am in alone yet I suspect he will ask me to the dance at some point I hope. It has been a nice while hopefully I will get a good job when I graduate but right now I want to make sure I spend the best time of my life that I can.
As it stands I am in a bit of a pickle I need to try and get myself a good gig and I think I might have found one but I'm a bit nervous since I'm sure they wont want someone like me there but I want to try My friends are telling I should just go for it and trey and I think I will. Hopefully I land the job and if I do I might even be able to get some extra money and move out of the dump and out of the rusty car I call home. Maybe ill be able to get a lavish apartment like my or a nice house like my friends. Maybe one day ill even be able to afford a nice home like my Idol PePe le pew if I ever get that Big I'm sure the world will like me. I hope I can get that big one day and I hope if I do that THE NICE PIG WILL STAY MY FRIEND . I HOPE heck WANT TO STAY WITH ME NO MATTER WQHAT AND I HOPE I DONT LOOSE SIGHT OF MY FRIENDS IF THINGS HAPPEN TO GET BIG FOR ME AND I BECOME FAMOUS BUT I DOUBT ANYONE would want a Skunk for an actress... Oh well I still have a good thing going for me and I can still get a good show going .I work real hard so maybe they'll see how hard I work and decide to hire me. After some time I managed to land the modeling job for awhile but after awhile I realize it w3as a lot like when babs tried giving up on being a toon, It wasn't for me sure I made good money and sure I got a lot of good publicity but I wasn't happy the money was great but I wasn't happy. I decided I would stick with it a bit longer so I could at least buy the house I wanted so I would at least not look like a total stink Maybe Ill even catch Hamptons eye.
Just as the sun crept over the horizon I made my way towards the school giddy and excited. It had taken most of the night but I had done it, I had not only gotten a house but I had made enough money to cover tuition for the next year and a bit of pocket money hopefully I didn't loose it to someone like Montana max or Elmyra god I hate Elmyra she calls me a kitty and its the worst. As it stood right now, I was waiting on the others at the front steps wondering if they were going to make it. I was glad I managed to get this far all on my own. After awhile I see them and they look shocked at surprised" Whyd you call us all here this early?" I smile and show them a set of keys" I got my own place" Its then my friend Plucky goes on a rant about being woken at all hours over a key and a house. The others on the other hand were proud of me especially Hampton. After a bit since we have about three hours before school I invited them over to my place for breakfast and plucky begins to be a bit lets grumpy realizing free food is better than anything. I make them a few crepes and eggs and after a tour of the nice house which is actually in a nice neighborhood and almost about the size of Monty's I offer to throw a pool party and we can all get a party going this weekend to which they all agreed.
Things are going so wonderfully for me now that I forgot about my end goal. I want to be the best Toon there ever was and one day I hope to surpass my idol. For now I am content with what I have and I suppose that sooner or later I may want more but as of now I am happy with where I am. After a long day at school I walked back to my house glad to have a warm bed and nice place to sleep that wasn't the rusted car in the junkyard I had called home for so many years. I did however purchase said car and fix it into a lounge in one of the rooms much to the dismay of Montana Max whom seemed to think that a junk heap such as that didn't belong in such a nice home. Why he joined in our group this time ill never know but I let it go seeing I was far to happy to be bothered with such trivial things/ After a few hours I decided I wanted to go and get something to decorate the lounge. I decided to try and make it a found objects kind of place so I could recycle things and save a bit of money in the process.
I finally managed to finish my project which though it took awhile It actually looks good. I took a few pictures with my disposable camera and walked out the door to get it developed so I could submit it to the local home d├ęcor magazine/. Once finished I walked off and decided to invite my friends over. We were having a nice time and after awhile they left.
Its been about three months now . Summer vacation is coming up fast and ive decided to try and get another job. It may take me awhile but I'm going to work during the summer to make sure I have a bit of a net. Not that I'm going to work the entire summer away of course Theres a nice perfume place that wants perfume testers and I'm more than sure a nice perfume would work wonders for me. Maybe then I would get a man but then again the way Hampton looks at me I would think he likes me a lot more than he lets on. I hope so otherwise Ill just be doomed to be alone. Alone is the one thing ii do not wish to deal with I don't like the idea. He smiles at me with such kindness and softness at times that I come to think maybe he dos like me but is to shy to admit more than Were good friends. His kindness is something ill never forget as once upon a time I hardly had one person to be kind towards me but he and his friends decided to take it upon themselves to befriend me which was something that was unexpected and well warranted. I'm glad he was nice to me it made me feel much better about myself, Being a skunk I al ways had a bit of a self esteem issue.
Things are better now. Hampton has finally popped the question and the pair of us are married. We live in my nice house. After some time I managed to get a good job not only modeling but being in a program with my idol. It seems pepe le pew has taken up the morning talk show circuit and he and I have taken the morning by storm with our new show Le slice of life, which not only airs every morning in acme acres but has now become syndicated across all of the us. I'm so proud of myself. So is Hampton, Though he hasn't done much outside of school He has opened a cleaning business which specializes in cleaning not only homes but the cleaning supplies themselves such as vacuums and dusters strange but it makes him happy. Things are much better for me than when I started out Life is far better than I ever imagined and the world is much grander than I ever dreamed it could ever be. Life is perfect . Finally I have l'amour de ma vie and everything is just how I want it . If only my parents could see me now. Oh well things happen for a reason but I'm glad I'm happy now. I guess ill just be me. FiFi.

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