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It had been a rather hard day for Daniel James Howell and Phillip Michael Lester. The pair had been busy all morning writing scripts for their new video series which was set to debut on YouTube Red the next fall. Dan was opening a box of fresh paper as they had finished up the last box trying to get the printer they just purchased to work. After some trial and error the new printer was working. The first thing Dan did to celebrate was print off a picture of a majestic Llama . Once done he smiles in triumph" The printer now works Phil Let's get back to finishing the script." Phil was nowhere to be seen Dan was confused The pair had to finish this by the end of the week to send a pilot idea to YouTube for Approval. He looks around for him" Phil...........Phil ......Where are you?" He walked into the kitchen to find it empty then checks the lounge bathroom and toilet stall and went to look in the office again. After which he checks his own room thinking the male might have decided to borrow one of his shirts. Seeing nothing he walked into Phils room and what he saw scared him beyond belief. Phil was sat on his bed shaking gripping at his p[ants trying to surpress a scream. Dan watches in pure shock amazement and horror as Phils begins to change. first his hair which was normally a warm chocolate black or brown and short begins to spread across his body and puff up leading to his shirt being torn to bits as his entire body has bulked significantly/ He rolls off the bed still trying to stop the screams but it doesn't work and he lets go a set of not so sharp but still rather dangerous looking claws escaped his hands and his hands became more like rabbit paws but still retained some human like quality to them. Dan was in pure shock and he backed away slightly. After an uneventfully three minutes of Phil staring at his hands and catching his breath it started up again and he lets out a loud scream he was sure would wake the neighbors. the males ears fadin g I n existence as suddenly a set of massive floppy rabbit ears come up[p onto his head. Dan watches in pure horror as he sees I h is friend change finally Phil's jeans rip free but thankfully even though his is now without clothes there is so much fur on Rabbit Phil that Dan cant see anything of the naughty Nature. A puffy tail erupts from behind Phil and he falls over whimpering and flops over onto thetail and lets out an uncomfortable chuff as suddenly his feet have swollen to enormous rabbit proportions and after a long half hour the changes are complete and he howls and Dan can faintly hear the howls of cute rabbits nearby.

Dan spent the entire night with Phil petting him and snuggling him to make sure he was alright . After an hour or two of this Phil hops away and into the lounge then towards he front door. Dan tempts him to stay with a carrot but nothing works until he finds a bag of hay in the kitchen in a box labeled with a noteDan do not open unless its a full moon an dim headed out the doorDan suddenly understood what this was for . H smiles grabbing it and Phil smells the hay and is suddenly rose interested in it than going outside. He sits in Dans lap munching Hay. Though Phil has seemed to double in size and stature he is much lighter somehow. After an hour or two of feeding him he falls asleep until sunrise Dan sleeping with him. After an hour he awakens and its then He snuggled Phil gently trying to 3wake him enough to sand" Hey Phil mind if I get up"

Phil suddenly jumps" Oh god Dan I you......You saw last night didn't you I.....I. Im sorry II didn't tell you before it was just I was That is.................." He blushes" Nah your fine Phil it was kinda cute actually" He smiles" I loved it" and snuggled into Phil He looks Phil in the eye" And I love you....." The pair snuggle up on the couch together Phil picking hay out from Dans hair every so often as he tries to help clean up his mess.

ooc so heres my first ever Phan fiction Phan btw is Dan x Phil anyone here heard of them/ if so Id like opinions on this

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