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 Post subject: Uncaring Shadows
PostPosted: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 - 10:59:44 
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Part 1 of a Care Bears/Tiny Toons crossover that Idea_Guy and I wrote. Enjoy.

No Heart has sent some evil shadows to possess the citizens of Acme Acres. Can the Care Bears stop them?

Chapter 1

Way up high in the sky, surrounded by dark purple storm clouds, stands No Heart’s castle. Inside his cauldron room, the evil wizard is furiously looking through a spellbook, trying to find a new spell which could help him to both destroy all the feelings in the world and to destroy the Care Bears Family once and for all. So far, he has only found spells he used in the past and those spells never worked. No Heart closes the spellbook and throws it away.

No Heart: (Angrily) Curse those wretched Care Bears! No matter what master plan I come up with to rob all the feelings in the world, they always manage to stop me!

He pauses for a few seconds, before continuing to rant.

No Heart: Oh I must defeat them! Only they can stand in my way and once they are out of the picture, no one will be able to stop me from ruling the world! But how can I defeat some gifted animals like them?

As No Heart continues to think of a new plan, his appretince, Beastly, suddenly runs in the room, holding a map, which is rolled up.

Beastly: No Heart!

No Heart turns to Beastly, his red eyes glowing with rage.

No Heart: What is it, Beastly?! And this had better be important! I’m busy trying to think of a way to eliminate the Care Bears!

His red eyes stop glowing.

Beastly: Oh it is important, Boss. Believe me. And you are going to love… I mean hate it. Because I know how much you love to hate and…

No Heart: Get on with it!

Beastly: There is a place you haven’t tried to conquer yet and it is located in North America. Look.
He unrolls the map, which shows the city Acme Acres.

No Heart: Acme Acres? Hmm…

No Heart walks to his cauldron and Beastly joins him. They both start looking through the cauldron. In a few seconds, the cauldron shows Acme Acres and they can see lots of people being friendly and enjoying their day by doing a lot of pleasant activities. No Heart chuckles evilly.

No Heart: What an interesting city. And since it is full of caring people, why not send my shadows down there to cause them to do bad things?

He turns to Beastly again.

No Heart: Thanks for letting me know about this place, Beastly. You are really useful to me.

Beastly: Anytime.

A few minutes later, lots of shadows emerge from No Heart’s castle and go down to Acme Acres. Meanwhile, way up in the cloud paradise that is Care-a-Lot, Birthday Bear notices that havoc that is taking place on earth through the telescope.

Birthday Bear: (Gasps.) Oh, no! This is terrible!

Friend Bear and Secret Bear approach him.

Friend Bear: What's the matter, Birthday Bear?

Birthday Bear: Look, Friend Bear!

She looks through the telescope.

Friend Bear: (Shocked.) Oh, my! Secret Bear, have a look.

We can't hear her gasp, but the shocked expression on her face says it all.

Birthday Bear: What'll we do, now?

Friend Bear: The question is, how could this nightmare have happened?

Secret whispers something in Friend Bear's ear.

Friend Bear: You're right, Secret Bear! It has to be No Heart's doing! We better inform the Care Bears Family about this. C'mon!

The Bears do just that.

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 Post subject: Re: Uncaring Shadows
PostPosted: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 - 11:07:57 
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Chapter 2

Before long, all the members of the Care Bears Family are gathered at the Hall Of Hearts. Upon learning from Birthday Bear, Friend Bear and Secret Bear that No Heart is up to no good again and in what place exactly, they all go down to Acme Acres by using cloud cars. Meanwhile, in Acme Acres, Hamton J. Pig is happily walking along down the sidewalk, while humming a merry tune. He then stops and notices an empty soda can on the sidewalk, before grabbing it.

Hamton: (Sighing) Crazy people. Always throwing garbage on the ground.

He spots a trash can, which is a little far from him, and goes to it with the empty soda can. He puts the empty soda can in the trash can. With that done, he is now pleased.

Hamton: That’s better. You know what they say: “A clean city is a happy city.”

While he is looking at the trash can with a smile on his face, one of No Heart’s shadows creeps up on him from behind. The shadow then attaches itself to Hamton. As a result, Hamton makes a surprised expression. But after 4 seconds, his expression turns from a surprised one into an angry one. The shadow is now possessing him.

Hamton: (Furiously) Why should this town stay clean?! It is better when it is messy!

He quickly grabs the trash can and spills the garbage on the ground. He then drops the trash can and continues walking. Upon seeing another trash can, he grabs that one too and spills the garbage on the ground. And he continues to do that, as long as the shadow is possessing him.

Hamton: A messy town! Now that’s more like it!

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Acme Acres, Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny are walking together. They are holding hands, while walking.

Buster: Hey, Babs, how about we go to the Acme Mall to play games at the arcade?

Babs: That’s a great idea, Buster!

Just then, two other shadows creep up on them from behind. They attach themselves to the bunnies, causing them to turn bad.

Buster: Why should we spend time doing good things?! Let’s do bad things, Barbara Anne Bunny!

Babs: Yes! Because bad is good to us!

They notice a fence and they smirk, knowing what they should do. Next, we see Furrball Cat in the Acme Acres Park. He is walking on all fours. He spots some flowers a little far from him.

Furrball: Meow!

He happily runs to the flowers. He smells one and sighs happily. All of a sudden, another shadow creeps up on him from behind and possesses him. Now being very bad, Furrball extracts his claws and cuts all of the flowers. We see a montage of scenes which show more toons being possessed by No Heart’s shadows. After the montage of scenes is over, a few minutes later, The Care Bears Family eventually reach Acme Park, and sees the mess littered all over it. They are horrified at this.

Friend Bear: Oh, what a mess!

Tenderheart Bear: No Heart will never learn.

Lotsa Heart Elephant: We're in a real bind this time. And that's the truth.

They see a little grey mouse in a diaper approaching them. waving his arms, trying to get their attention. Why, it's none other than Sneezer, who hasn't been affected by the shadows.

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PostPosted: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 - 11:14:14 
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Chapter 3:

Grumpy Bear picks up Li'l Sneezer, which might be a bad move.

Share Bear: Oh, you're such a cute little mouse!

Sneezer makes a cute pose and says thanks with a giggle.

Grumpy Bear: What's your name, little guy?

Sneezer: My name

He gets set to do his trademark sneeze.

Grumpy: What's the matter?

Sneezer: Ahh...Ahhh...AHHHH...

Braveheart Lion: This can't be good.

Wish Bear: Something tells me we better run.

Swift Heart Rabbit runs for her life.

Sneezer: CHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

The sneeze was so great, it blew everyone away.

Sneezer: (Rubs his nose.) Bless me.

He says with a laugh. The Care Bears Family get up after that powerful sneeze.

Tenderheart : Boy, what power!

Champ Bear: I'll say, sports fan. Hey, where's Grumpy?

We see him high up in a tree.

Grumpy: Why do these things always happen to me?

They notice him.

Champ Bear: Hang on, sports fan! We'll get ya down!

And they do.

Sneezer: Like I was saying, my name is Li'l Sneezer.

Care Bears Family. (Rolling eyes.) Of course.

Tenderheart: Well, we're...

Everyone: The Care Bears Family!

Lotsa Heart Elephant: What can we do for ya, Sneezer?

Good Luck Bear: Yes, maybe we can help you.

Braveheart picks up Sneezer this time.

Sneezer: (Talking fast.) Well, there were these scary shadows, see? And all the kids were turnin' mean, and they were trashin' the park, and...

He starts crying before he can finish his sentence.

Bright Heart Raccoon: Aw, don't cry, Li'l Sneezer.

Cheer Bear: Yeah, we'll stop those shadows and get those kids back to normal. That's why we're here.

Sneezer: (Stops crying.) Thanks, Cheer Bear.

She wipes his tear and he hugs her hand.

Cheer Bear: (Giggles.) Thank you.

Braveheart Lion: C'mon, everybody! We must stop these shadows, no matter how scary they are! We must be brave!

Share Bear: He's right. We'll look all over Acme Acres and look for any. Let's go!

They go to the Cloud Cars and search throughout the city. Bedtime Bear, on the other hand, is napping underneath a shady tree, trying to catch some "zzz's"

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PostPosted: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 - 11:19:16 
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Chapter 4

Meanwhile, things are looking really bad in Acme Acres. We see Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny throwing with tomatoes at the grey fence, making it dirty. It is all thanks to the shadows that are possessing them. While throwing with tomatoes, the two bunnies are laughing evilly. Up in the sky, Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear are in the cloud car, with Noble Heart driving it. They are both looking down and, before long, they suddenly spot Buster and Babs.

Noble Heart: Look, True Heart!

True Heart: I’ve noticed, Noble Heart! Two young poor rabbits being forced by No Heart’s shadows to throw with tomatoes at a fence.

Noble Heart: Let’s go down and stop them!

The two Care Bears go down. They get out of the cloud car and approach the possessed bunnies.

True Heart: Stop right there, shadows!

Buster and Babs stop throwing with tomatoes at the fence, before glaring at Noble Heart and True Heart. On the other hand, the shadows look surprised at the two Care Bears.

Buster and Babs: Hey!

Noble Heart and True Heart: Care Bear Stare!

Their tummy symbols fired their powers at Buster and Babs, driving the shadows away. With the shadows gone, Buster and Babs are back to normal. The two bunnies shake their heads, before looking really surprised.

Buster and Babs: Huh?!

They look at each other.

Buster: What happened?

Babs: I don’t know.

They notice the fence dirty. They then notice that they are holding tomatoes in their hands and gasp, dropping the tomatoes, before looking back at the dirty fence.

Buster: I can’t believe we did this!

Noble Heart and True Heart approach them a little more.

Noble Heart: It wasn’t your fault.

Buster and Babs turn to them.

Babs: Who are you?

Noble Heart: I’m Noble Heart Horse and this is True Heart Bear.

True Heart: We’re from the Care Bears Family.

Buster: I’m Buster Bunny.

Babs: And I’m Babs Bunny.

Buster and Babs: No relation!

Noble Heart and True Heart: Pleased to meet you!

They share a laugh.

True Heart: Are you two OK?

Babs: Yes. We think so.

Buster: But I still can’t believe we threw with tomatoes at this fence.

Noble Heart: You were possessed by some sinister shadows.

True Heart: Yes. They caused you to do bad things, like this. Luckily, Noble Heart and I used our stares to scare them away.

Buster: Thank you so much for saving us.

Noble Heart: Our pleasure. But you know something? You two are not the only ones who needed help.

True Heart: He’s right. There are many other citizens being possessed by shadows.

Babs: Oh dear. Those poor people must be saved.

Noble Heart: You don’t need to worry. The other members of the Care Bears Family are on the job.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Grumpy, Cheer, Braveheart and Sneezer look above and below ground for shadows and possessed beings in the Cloud Car. The gang explained the situation to Sneezer.

Braveheart: Keep your eyes peeled, everyone, there's bound to be more trouble.

Sneezer points at something he's noticed.

Sneezer: (Gasps.) Looky down there.

The gang sees what Sneezer does. It's a little pink bird the mouse's size pecking people and animals on their heads.

Cheer: Who IS that?

Sneezer: (Happily.) That's Sweetie. She's a very good friend of mine! Yep, she sure is! (Sadly.) Or at least she was.

They see her chasing Bookworm aggressively down the sidewalk, through a neighbourhood.

Sweetie: You're mine!

She says in an evil tone as the green, nerdy worm runs for his life.

Grumpy: She looks like she could use a friend right now.

Braveheart: Let's go down to the ground!

Braveheart uses the Cloud Car to help his friends descend to the earth to Sweetie and Bookworm's direction. They better catch up.

Grumpy: Sweetie, stop!

Cheer: This isn't right! Friends don't eat friends!

Braveheart: Nope, they sure don't! Argh, now he's got ME doing it!

Sweetie stops and notices them.

Sweetie: Huh?

She says as her dinner gets away. Bookworm gives her a raspberry, while taking advantage of his freedom. Now Sweetie's really mad. The gang and Sneezer get out of the Cloud Car, getting ready to execute the Care Bear Stare.

Braveheart: Alright, gang, you know what to do.

Care Bears Family: 3,2,1! Care Bear Sta...

Sneezer interrupts.

Sneezer: Wait!

They abort the Stare. But now they're confused.

Cheer: What's the matter?

Sneezer: Can I talk to her, please?

They allow him to do so. Sneezer looks at Sweetie in her evil eyes.

Sweetie: What do you want?!

Sneezer: C'mon, Sweetie. You don't wanna forget about our friendship, do ya? The good times, the bad times, that ABC Gum commercial?

The shadow no longer possesses Sweetie and goes away. She's back to normal, but has no idea what's going on.

Sweetie: Wha...what happened? Sneezer, who're your friends?

Cheer: I'm Cheer Bear.

Braveheart: I'm Braveheart Lion.

Cheer jabs Grumpy a little bit, so he can introduce himself.

Grumpy: (Unenthusiastically.) And I'm Grumpy.

Braveheart: And we're the Care Bears Family!

Cheer: You were under a spell.

Sweetie: I was?!

Grumpy: That's right. During that time, you were pecking people and animals on the head. And you were chasing a poor, little worm.

Sweetie: Oh, that's my friend, Bookworm. I always chase him.

Grumpy: Uh...huh.

Sneezer: Anyway, it's good to have ya back, Sweetie. Yep, sure is!

Sweetie: Well, it's great to be back.

The love, but stinky Fifi La Fume comes walking down the sidewalk, with a green odor slowly coming out of her tail, sniffs a flower and hums Alouette. Just then, a shadow creeps up behind her.

Cheer: Uh-oh. It looks like a shadow is about to claim another victim.

Sweetie: I don't think we need to worry about Fifi.

Sneezer (Giggles.) She can take care of herself. Yep, sure can!

The shadow tries to possess her, but it gets so close to her foul odor, turns into a cowardly yellow, then runs away.

Sneezer and Sweetie: Told ya.

Grumpy: I don't believe it.

Braveheart: How 'bout that?

Cheer: That's uhh...clever.

Sweetie: Cover your noses, everyone. Here she comes.

She walks past our friends.

Fifi: Bonjour.

Everyone else: Bonjour.

Fifi: This day is très lovely, no?

Everyone else: Yes!

It's just the six of them now.

Cheer: What a nice skunk!

Braveheart: Stinky, but nice. What do you think, Grumpy? Grump?

They notice that he's green. He faints as well.

Cheer: Grumpy?!

Braveheart: What's wrong with him?!

Sweetie: He just got too close to Fifi's odor, that's all.

Braveheart: Is he gonna be alright?

Sneezer: Yep.

Sweetie: (Mocking Sneezer.) Sure will! Uh-huh!

Everyone but Grumpy laughs, thus concluding this chapter.

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Chapter 5

In another part of Acme Acres, a young dark brown and white male raccoon, who is wearing a dark blue shirt, and a young tan female puppy, who is wearing a red dress and a red bow, are walking together. Each one is also holding and licking a lollipop. Suddenly, Plucky Duck and Shirley the Loon appear in front of the two kids, smiling evilly at them. This causes the two kids to stop and look surprised at them. The duck and the loon are also possessed by some shadows.

Shirley: Well, well, like, look who we have here or some junk.

Plucky: We’ll take those!

Plucky snatches the lollipop from the young dark brown and white male raccoon’s hand, while Shirley snatches the one from the young tan female puppy’s hand.

Young Dark Brown And White Male Raccoon: Hey!

Young Tan Female Puppy: What are you doing?

Up in the sky, Hugs Bear, Tugs Bear and Gentle Heart Lamb are in the cloud car, with Gentle Heart driving it. They are all looking down. Before long, Tugs notices the four kids.

Tugs: Hey! Down there!

Hugs: Oh my goodness!

Gentle Heart: Let’s go!

The three Care Bears go down. Back with Plucky, Shirley and the two kids.

Young Tan Female Puppy: Give our lollipops back!

Shirley: We don’t see your names on them!

Young Dark Brown And White Male Raccoon: So?

Plucky: So, they’re not yours!

He and Shirley laugh evilly. Because of that, the two kids begin to tear up. Luckily, Gentle Heart, Hugs and Tugs show up.

Gentle Heart: Ready, Hugs and Tugs?

Hugs and Tugs: Ready!

Plucky, Shirley and the two kids turn to the three Care Bears, looking surprised.

Plucky: What the?

Gentle Heart, Hugs and Tugs: Stare!

Their tummy symbols fired their stares at Plucky and Shirley, scaring the shadows away and returning the two waterfowls to their normal selves. Of course, Plucky and Shirley don’t know what happened.

Shirley: Like, what’s going on? Who are you?

Hugs: I’m Hugs Bear.

Tugs: I’m Tugs Bear, Hugs' twin brother.

Gentle Heart: And I’m Gentle Heart Lamb. We’re from the Care Bears Family.

Plucky: Hello there. I’m Plucky Duck and this is Shirley the Loon.

Shirley: Like, hi. (She and Plucky notice the lollipops they are holding) Hey, what’s with these lollipops?

Young Tan Female Puppy: You stole them from me and my friend.

Plucky and Shirley: (Surprised) We have?!

The two kids sadly nod. Even Gentle Heart, Hugs and Tugs nod. Plucky and Shirley look at each other surprised. They then look sadly at the two kids, who are still looking sadly, although their eyes are no longer filled with tears, before giving their lollipops back.

Plucky and Shirley: We’re really sorry.

The two kids smile at them.

Young Dark Brown And White Male Raccoon: It’s OK.

The two kids turn around and start walking away.

Young Tan Female Puppy: Goodbye. And thanks.

Now, only Plucky, Shirley, Gentle Heart, Hugs and Tugs remain.

Plucky: I’m so ashamed for what I have done.

Shirley: Like, me too. We would never do something like that or some junk.

Gentle Heart: Don’t beat yourselves up. Some sinister shadows made you do that.

Plucky and Shirley: Shadows?

Tugs: Yes. Lots of shadows have appeared in Acme Acres and they possess many people, causing them to stop caring.

Shirley: Can those shadows be stopped?

Hugs: Yes. Even as we speak, the other Care Bears are stopping the remaining shadows.

We leave our friends and see shot after shot of the exhausted Care Bears Family members, who spent a whole day getting rid of the shadows and helping Acme Acres citizens to care and love again. Back at the park, Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear and Swift Heart Rabbit are sitting on a park bench, panting

Swift Heart Rabbit: Boy, am I pooped!

Tenderheart: So am I, Swift Heart. We can only use so much of the Care Bear Stare.

Share Bear What'll we do, Tenderheart? We can't go on like this!

Tenderheart: There's only one thing to do, Share Bear: We have to go to No Heart's castle and stop him from creating anymore shadows. Otherwise, more will just keep coming to Acme Acres.

Swift Heart: Let's go assemble the Care Bears Family! Race ya!

She runs at a great speed to look for the members, not giving Tenderheart and Share a head-start.

Tenderheart and Share: Cheater.

They split up and look for the members throughout Acme Acres.

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Chapter 6

After some minutes, all the members of the Care Bears Family are assembled. They are now all at the Acme Acres Park, discussing their plan to defeat No Heart.

Cozy Heart Penguin: No matter how many shadows we drive off, even more come.

Proud Heart Cat: (Groaning) At this rate, we will never finish our work.

Harmony Bear: You’ve said it.

Tenderheart: There’s only one thing to do: we have to go to No Heart’s castle and stop him from making new shadows.

Loyal Heart Dog: Tenderheart’s right. It’s the only way we can save Acme Acres.

Playful Heart Monkey: (Determined) Yeah! And besides, it’s time No Heart learnt that the joke’s on him!

He chuckles.

True Heart: We must be careful though. No Heart might expect us.

Good Luck Bear: Yes. But no need to worry. I will make sure that we will all have good luck.

Noble Heart: Right. Come on, everybody. There’s no time to waste.

They all hop in their cloud cars and set off to No Heart’s castle. While riding their cloud cars, many toonsters they saved look up and notice their heroes.

Mary Melody: (Pointing up with her index finger) Look! The Care Bears Family!

Babs: (Shouting) Where are you all going?

Brave Heart: (Shouting back) We’re going to stop No Heart!

Hamton: (Shouting) Who is No Heart?

Grumpy: (Shouting back) We’ll explain everything when we get back!

In comes a mysterious voice, talking from a CB radio and speakers from his customized helicopter.

???: Oh, no you don't! You won't come back at all!

He says as he laughs evilly and fires a laser from his helicopter to Grumpy and his passengers, causing them to be instantly transported in a huge cage at No Heart's castle.

Grumpy: What's going on?

No Heart: You're trapped. That's what's going on!

He laughs evilly. Back on earth...

Champ Bear: Who're you, kid?

???: My name is Montana Max, and your carin' days are over!

Montana fires another laser at Champ Bear and his passengers, and he joins Grumpy and his friends in the huge cage as well.

Champ Bear: Hey, sport fans. What're you all doing here?

No Heart: Welcome to your worst nightmare!

Champ: No Heart! What're you and that Montana kid up to?!

No Heart: You'll soon find out.

No Heart laughs an evil laugh again. Montana continues transporting members one by one. They try to escape, but it's no use. There's now no members left. Montana speaks to Buster and his friends from his helicopter in the sky to ground level.

Montana: Say goodbye to your Care Bear friends forever!

He chuckles evilly and flies away.

Babs: Did you hear that?! He's taken out friends away!

Buster: It's time to party, Buster style

To be concluded.

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Note to all of you out there: In this X-over, Hugs and Tugs are two years older than in the original Care Bears Family Nelvana series. Plus, they no longer wear diapers and they now join the other Care Bears on many missions.

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Part 2 of the Care Bears/Tiny Toons crossover that Mr. Magic and I wrote. Enjoy.

It's up to the Tiny Toons to rescue the Care Bears from Monty and No Heart's evil clutches.

Chapter 1

Some minutes later, Buster and many other toons are now at Buster’s rabbit hole, talking about their plan to save the members of the Care Bears Family from the evil wizard No Heart and from Montana Max. All the toons who are present are Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, Shirley The Loon, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper, Fifi La Fume, Furrball Cat, Dizzy Devil, Sweetie Bird, Little Sneezer, Bookworm, Gogo Dodo, Mary Melody and Elmyra Duff.

Hamton: What can we do, Buster?

Buster: (Determined) I’ll tell you what we can do. We’ll find the Care Bears and rescue them.

Fifi: But how can we find zem?

Sweetie: Yes. We don’t even know where they are.

Buster: Hmm… The Care Bears said they would leave to stop this guy called No Heart. Then Monty showed up and zapped them with a ray which made them all disappear. (He ponders for 6 seconds, before snapping his fingers) Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?

Mary: We think so, Buster. Surely, No Heart has hired Monty to help him capture the Care Bears.

Elmyra: Oh! How could my Monty Wonty be so cruel and cause misery for others?

Plucky: Because, Elmyra, he does not care.

Shirley: Like, if Monty captured the Care Bears for No Heart, then this means that they are all at No Heart’s lair or some junk.

(Note that Furrball, Calamity and Little Beeper use written signs to talk)

Furrball: (Revealing a sign) Oh there’s no doubt about it, Shirley.

Babs: But where can his lair be?

Little Beeper: (Revealing a sign) I think I know.

Buster: Where, Little Beeper?

Little Beeper: (Revealing another sign) Earlier, I was rescued by Love-a-Lot Bear and Playful Heart Monkey. I asked them where they and the others live and they answered me. (Flipping his sign) They live in Care-a-Lot. It is located on clouds. This means No Heart’s lair must be located on clouds too.

Hamton: So, how do we get there?

A light bulb shines above Calamity's head, indicating he's got an idea. He draws a sign indicating a rocket and shows it to the gang, who are confused.

Mary Melody: (Scratching her head.) A rocket?

Hamton seems to get the idea, though.

Hamton: Oh, I get it. You're suggesting we travel by rocket to No Heart's castle.

Calamity gives a thumbs up to imply that Hamton is correct.

Shirley: But like, where're we like, totally gonna find a rocket that will seat all of us or some junk?

Calamity then writes something on another sign.

Plucky: Oh, NOW what's he doin'?

Shirley grabs his beak and closes it.

Shirley: Chill, Pluck-face!

Hamton: Yeah, be patient.

Calamity finishes the sign and shows it to Buster. It says "MAY i USE YOUR COMPUTER, PLEASE?" Everyone looks at the sign.

Buster: Uhh...sure.

Calamity makes another sign that says "THANKS!", goes to Buster's room, gets on the internet to and orders a rocket built for more than 10 passengers. After ordering, he leaves the rabbit hole to wait for the package. In just a matter of seconds, it comes, being towed behind a mail truck. The gang can't believe what they're seeing. The deliveryman gets out of his truck to meet Calamity.

Deliveryman: You the coyote who ordered this rocket?

Calamity nods "yes".

Deliveryman: Sign here, please.

He signs his name on the delivery form and hands it to the deliveryman.

Deliveryman: Have a nice day, sir.

He takes the rocket off from behind the truck and speedily leaves. Our friends oohed and ahhed at the colossal rocket.

Buster: How about that? A rocket built for ten or more

Babs: (Imitating Peter Lorre.) Well. now I've seen everything.

Plucky: Well, what're we waiting for?! Let's go!

Hamton: Yeah, no time to waste!

They all get in the rocket excitedly. Calamity starts it and away they go to the skies.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 2

Meanwhile, at No Heart’s castle, all the members of the Care Bears Family are locked in a large cage inside a large room. But they are not the only ones in that room. No Heart, Beastly and Montana Max are there too, smirking at the trapped family members.

No Heart: Unbelievable! In just a few minutes, you’ve managed to capture all of them! You really were the right kid for the job, Monty!

Monty: Thanks, No Heart. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Funshine: We don’t understand, Monty. You are a kid.

Love-a-Lot: Yes. How could you end up working for No Heart?

Monty: Well, bears, it was like this...

A flashback occurs and we see a montage of scenes which show us how Monty ended up working for No Heart. During the flashback, we can hear Monty and No Heart talking.

Monty: (Voice only) Earlier, I was enjoying my stroll in the city when I suddenly saw Elmyra looking up and waving. I went to her and asked her what she was doing. She told me that a sinister shadow possessed her and caused her to strangle a squirrel. But then, two of you care bears, Harmony Bear and Cozy Heart Penguin, showed up and saved her. Elmyra also told me that other citizens were possessed too and that Harmony, Cozy Heart and the other care bears were helping them to make them care again. But I did not care what she said and I angrily told her “Why should those caring fools do this? A world without caring would be a perfect place! Besides, I enjoy making others’ lives miserable!” And then, I continued my stroll.

No Heart: (Voice only) I saw through my cauldron the conversation Monty and Elmyra had. And I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I learnt that Monty was evil and uncaring just like me. Then an idea suddenly struck me. I went down to Acme Acres to find Monty. Once I found him, he was scared of me at first, but I assured him that I would not harm him. I brought him to my castle and we talked about our lives. I then offered him a job: to help me capture and get rid of you annoying Care Bears, and then to take over the world!

The flashback ends and we see Monty and No Heart in the present, smirking at the trapped family members.

Bedtime: And Monty agreed to work with you?

Monty: You got that right! Because I’m not just the evilest kid in Acme Acres! I am also the richest kid in Acme Acres! And I also love to work with someone else who is evil!

Cheer Bear: But being evil isn't right.

Beastly: (Mimicking Cheer Bear.) "But being evil isn't right." Ha! Who wants to waste their time being good?

Monty: That's right! Being evil is too much fun! Besides, being good sounds too...Smurfish to me.

Love-a-Lot: Well, don't think for one second you all will get away with this. Remember: Love conquers all.

Bright Heart: That's right! Our friends on earth are gonna save us.

No Heart: What makes you so sure?

Family in unison: We can feel it in our hearts!

It's a pretty bold statement, but the villains weren't taking it seriously.

No Heart: They have no way of getting here.

Monty: That's right! You wimps are doomed!

He and No Heart laugh evilly, but Beastly notices something interesting in the cauldron.

Beastly: I wouldn't say that, you two. Look who's coming!

Monty and No Heart rush over to the cauldron and see that the Tiny Toons are travelling in the rocket, on their way to the castle.

Monty: No, no, no!!! This can't be happenin'!!!

Oddly enough, No Heart is keeping calm.

No Heart: Patience, young one. I've planned for this. What until they see what happens when the lever is pulled.

Whatever that lever is for, it can't be good.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 3

Elsewhere, Buster and the other good Tiny Toons are flying up in the skies, by using the rocket. While Calamity is piloting the rocket, the others are looking through the windows, admiring the view. Before long, Calamity spots Care-a-Lot in the distance. He looks surprised, before looking behind, whistling to get the others attention and doing a “come here motion” with his hand. Once the others approach him, they too see Care-a-Lot in the distance.

Mary: Hey! What is that place?

Dizzy: Dizzy no sure. Dizzy never see place like that one.

Babs: We should go down and check it out a bit. Calamity, can you land the rocket down there for a few minutes?

Calamity nods. The others return to their seats and Calamity flies the rocket down, landing it gently on the clouds. When the door opens and our friends come out, they realize they are actually standing on the clouds.

Hamton: Hey! It’s incredible! We’re standing on clouds, yet we’re not falling.

Plucky: That’s weird. Thick clouds. I have always known clouds being fluffy.

Elmyra: What kind of a place is this?

Buster: (Pointing with the index finger towards a sign) I think that will answer our question.

They all look at the sign which says in bold letters WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT. They gasp.

Little Beeper: (Revealing a sign to communicate) We’re in Care-a-Lot! Home of the Care Bears Family!

They all look around carefully. They can see that Care-a-Lot is made of fluffy colourful clouds with colourful rainbows. They also see lots of simple houses made of clouds and rainbows, and the buildings look a lot like clouds. There are a lot of hearts and stars in the architecture. They are actually amazed by this place.

Sweetie: So this is Care-a-Lot? Why… it’s so beautiful!

Furrball: (Revealing a sign to communicate) It’s like I am dreaming, but I am awake.

Gogo: I have to admit. Not bad at all.

Fifi: Oh moi cannot believe we are actually here.

Shirley: Yes. The Care Bears must totally tell us more about this place or some junk.

Buster: We will ask them, Shirley. Right after we rescue them.

Calamity: (Revealing a sign to communicate) Hmm… If this is Care-a-Lot, then No Heart’s lair must be a little far from here.

Buster: That could be true, Calamity. Now come on, let’s get back in the rocket and try to locate No Heart’s lair.

They get back in the rocket and fly away.

During their trip, they talk about Care-a-Lot some more.

Fifi: Care-a-Lot is tres heavenly!

Hamton: It's almost too good to be true. I bet nothing goes wrong there.

Sneezer: I just know our Care Bear Friends will invite us. Yep, sure, uh-huh!

Shirley: Oh, that would be like, totally cool!

Buster: (Mocking Shirley.) Well, for now, let's just like, totally focus on bailing them out.

Plucky: (Joining in.) Or some junk.

The rabbit and the duck laugh, but Babs stops them because she notices some relevant on the radar.

Babs: Quiet, you two! Look!

She notices a blinking, beeping circle picking up and the rocket ship that's heading towards it. Buster and Plucky take a look.

Babs: We must be getting close.

Plucky: It won't be too much longer now!

Buster: (To Calamity.) Full speed ahead, Calamity!!

He salutes as if to say, "Aye, aye, captain!" Calamity pushes the red "Full Speed Ahead" button and the rocket picks up some fantastic speed. Everyone is screaming and hanging on for dear life. Except for Buster and Plucky, who are in the back of the rocket.

Buster: This is what we get for not staying in our seats!!!

Plucky: The next time we do a rescue mission, let's try a different traveling approach!!!

The rocket gets nearer and nearer to No Heart's castle.

Babs: Calamity, stop this crazy thing!!!!!

It crashes right through the castle. Either way, they made it. Everyone is stunned to see the accident.

No Heart: My castle!!

Beastly: I guess nobody told these guys there was a door.

Monty: Fools!

The Care Bears Family wonders what's going on. The Tiny Toons get of the ship, feeling dazed from the accident. Finally, they snap out of it.

No Heart: Who're you?

Monty: They're those rotten Tiny Toons!

Buster: And we're here to save our friends the Care Bears Family!

The Family cheers at this. They knew there friends would come.

No Heart: Well, you're too late. Beastly!

Beastly: Right!

He goes over to the lever mentioned earlier. It opens the floor to reveal a hot fiery furnace.

Cheer Bear: (Gasps.) No!

Hugs and Tugs: Save us, Tiny Toons!

Grams: Please, you must do something!

No Heart: All hope is lost!

He, Beastly and his apprentice Montana Max laugh evilly. How will the Tiny Toons save our friends?

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 4

The Care Bears Family feel the warm temperature beneath them. Things will get even hotter for them if the Tiny Toons don't do something quick.

Bright Heart Raccoon: Oh, it's so hot!

Brave Heart Lion: I believe in the Tiny Toons, Bright Heart.

Cheer Bear: They won't let us down!

The Family agrees to this. Well...everyone except Grumpy Bear.

Grumpy: We're doomed.

Family: Grumpy!!!

Tenderheart: That's not the Care Bear attitude.

The bad guys beg to differ.

No Heart: On the contrary, I think that's a great attitude!

Beastly: Couldn't agree more!

Monty: I like Grumpy's thinkin'.

Again, they all laugh an evil laugh. Now it's time for the Tiny Toons to strategize. They huddle up.

Buster: So, what're we gonna do?

Babs: We can't just let 'em be trapped like that!

Elmyra: The poor fuzzy-wuzzies are in trouble!

Hamton: We have to do something! And quick! Or the Care Bears' goose will be cooked!

Mary: But what can we do?

Fifi: Zere has to be a way!

Bookworm shrugs, as if to say "Yes, but what?".

Treat Heart Pig: Tiny Toons, please hurry!

Swift Heart: Save us!

Wish Bear: We know you can do it!

Birthday Bear: We don't want to get burned to ashes!

Playful Heart Monkey: Oh this situation is too hot to laugh at!

Noble Heart Horse: Playful Heart, this is no time to joke!

Monty: (To the Tiny Toons) Give up, you dweebs! No matter what you try, it won't work!

Beastly: That's right! You guys are not smarter than me, Monty and No Heart!

No Heart: (To the Care Bears) How nice of your so called friends to show up! Now you have an audience for your demise!

The three villains laugh evilly.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 5

Buster: I got it!

The gang whispers secretly. In just a matter of moments, they end the huddle.

Monty: Done strategizin', dweebs?

Plucky: Yep.

Shirley: Like, for sure!

No-Heart: Well, you're too late! Beastly...

Beastly laughs evilly and turns the crank to lower the cage really slowly, as the Care Bear Family descend into their firey doom. They fear for their lives.

Grumpy: This is it! We're doomed!

Grams Bear: This can't be the end! It just can't be!

No-Heart: Say your prayers, Care Bears!

They do just that and the bad guys laugh once again. Now the Tiny Toons' plan comes into action.

Buster: Ready, Sneezer and Sweetie?

S&S: Ready!

Hamton: You're on!

The diminutive duo go to No-Heart.

Sneezer: Excuse me, Mr. Bad Guy, sir.

No-Heart: What do you want?! Can't you see I'm busy with an evil plan?!

Sweetie: We want you to play tag with us!

No-Heart: I have no time for games! Leave me alone!

Sneezer: Nope!

He slaps No-Heart on the cloak.

Sneezer: Tag!

S&S: You're it!

The two run throughout all the castle as No-Heart chases them.

No-Heart: Come back here, you little brats!

Beastly: No-Heart, where ya goin?!

Monty: Get back here!

Now it was just the the two of them.

Babs: Elmyra, you go to Beastly.

Elmyra: Okay, miss cute little bunny-head.

Babs: (Annoyed.) Just go. The rest of us will join Sneezer and Sweetie in their tag game.

Calamity holds a sign which reads "It will be a good distraction". And on the back, it reads "for No-Heart."

And so, Buster and the other toons leave Elmyra and go after Little Sneezer, Sweetie and No Heart. The Care Bears notice their heroes leaving.

True Heart: Where are they going?

Loyal Heart: They must have a plan to rescue us.

Gentle Heart: Whatever plan they have, I hope it works.

Friend Bear: I know it will. After all, friends don’t quit each other.

Grumpy: They had better hurry, or we’ll be nothing but cooked Care Bears.

Beastly notices Elmyra staring at him with a big grin on her face. This causes him to look nervously at her.

Beastly: Why are you looking at me like that?

Elmyra: Oooohhhh… Look at the cute piggie-wiggie! (She starts running after him) Elmyra is going to give you so much love!

Beastly: (Worriedly) Oh no! (Putting his hands in front) Stay back! Don’t come near me! (He turns around, before starting to run for his life and screaming his head off) No!

Elmyra is now chasing Beastly

Elmyra: Don’t be afraid, piggy-wiggie! Elmyra just wants to hug you and squeeze you into itty-bitty pieces!

Beastly: Please don’t do this! I am allergic to love and caring! Monty, help me!

Monty, however, is slightly amused by this scene. He is also sitting on a chair and eating a bag of popcorn.

Monty: (Laughing) Sorry, Beastly. But I am watching TV now.

Monty is, in fact, watching Elmyra chasing Beastly. Seeing what Elmyra is doing, the Care Bears are really confused.

Harmony Bear: What a kooky girl.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 6

Monty is now alone with the Care Bears, which means they'll have to perform the Care Bear Stare.

Just now, Bright Heart speaks up.

Bright Heart: Hey, Monty. Where're your friends at?

Monty: Oh, they'll be back. You furry dweebs are moments away from being toast! Hahaha!

He's not kidding. The cage is getting closer and closer to the bottom.

Treat Heart Pig: How do you know they'll come back at all? Sneezer, Sweetie and the others are playing tag with No-Heart and Elmyra has developed a... (Stifled laugh.) "crush" on Beastly! (Laughs louder.)

Monty: I know they'll be back, pig. And you won't laughin' once you become a ham sandwich.

Treat Heart Pig gasps in horror.

Tenderheart: Don't let him scare you, Treat Heart.

Champ Bear: Yeah, 'cause we have Monty outnumbered!

Monty: What're you talkin' about, you athletic furball?

Champ: Everyone ready?

Care Bears Family: Ready!

Now Monty is really worried.

Monty: Uh-oh.

Champ: 3...

Monty: No.

The CBF's tummies start glowing.

Champ: 2...

Monty: No!

Ever so brightly.

Champ: 1!

Monty: No, no, NO!!!!!

It's time.

Champ: Care Bear Stare!!!

The Care Bears fire their beams at Monty, rendering him powerless against all that is good.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 7

Elsewhere, No Heart is furiously chasing Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, Calamity, Little Beeper, Fifi, Furrball, Dizzy, Sweetie, Sneezer, Bookworm, Gogo and Mary all over his castle. At the moment, No Heart is chasing Plucky.

Plucky: (Laughing and teasing No Heart) You can’t catch me! Nah nah nah nah nah!

No Heart: Just wait until I get my hands on you, you stupid duck!

Buster runs up behind No Heart and smacks his robe with his hand.

Buster: Tag! You’re it!

And with that, Buster starts running, with No Heart growling and now running after him. But before No Heart can reach Buster, Mary runs up behind No Heart and briefly touches him with her hand.

Mary: Tag! You’re it!

And then, Mary starts running in a different direction and now, No Heart angrily runs after her. Every toon touches or smacks No Heart, telling him he is it, much to his anger.

Gogo: Come and get me, if you can!

Gogo hides behind some curtains. No Heart approaches him.

No Heart: Aha! Now I’ve got you, you feather brain! (Pulling the curtains away, only to find a smirking Fifi holding her tail towards him) What?!

Fifi: Surprise! (Firing her stench at him, causing No Heart to cough) How do vous like ze stench, No Heart?

Gogo: (Coming out of an unknown room) Alright, Fifi!

No Heart: Why you...

Hamton: What’s the matter, No Heart? Are you hot under the collar? Well, let me just cool you off.

Hamton reveals a water gun and uses it to squirt water in No Heart’s eyes.

No Heart: AAHH!!!

No Heart slowly walks forward, while using his hands to wipe the water off his eyes. While he is doing that, Dizzy eats a banana. After eating the banana, Dizzy throws the banana peel on the floor. Because No Heart is still wiping the water off his eyes, he cannot watch where he is going. No Heart slips on the banana peel, falling on the floor on his back. The other toons laugh at him.

Babs: Let’s go!

The toons run off. No Heart gets up, being sick and tired of this.

No Heart: That does it! I can’t take it anymore!

Meanwhile, Monty, due to being a good guy because of the Care Bear Stare, but only for a short amount of time, has just freed the Care Bears.

Monty: Oh my. How unkind of me. Do forgive me for trying to do this to all of you.

As if on cue, the rest of the toons and No Heart suddenly return.

No Heart: You busybodies will say every prayer you have ever heard before!

The evil wizard suddenly stops in his tracks and gasps, hardly believing the scene before him.

No Heart: What's going on here?! (To the Family.) What're you all doing out of your cage?!

Champ: It's over, No Heart.

True Heart Bear: We used Care Bear Stare.

Noble Heart Horse: And now your evil plans have foiled once again.

Love-a-Lot Bear: Not only that, but Monty is now a kind, caring boy.

Plucky: (Whispering to Shirley.) For now, at least.

Beastly is seen in Elmyra's clutches being tortured, while wearing a baby bonnet and a diaper.

Beastly: Save me, No Heart!

Monty gives No Heart a bouquet of flowers as a sign of friendship.

No Heart: What're you doing, Montana?!

Monty: Have some flowers, No Heart, and all your troubles will be gone. Everyone could use some friendship.

No Heart: I don't want friendship! I'm sick of love and caring! I HATE IT!!!

He says as he vanishes. Everyone except Beastly cheers, knowing they've won.

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Comedy Beat

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Chapter 8

The Tiny Toons and the Care Bears leave No Heart’s castle by using the cloud cars. A few minutes later, they are finally back in Care-a-Lot.

Noble Heart: Buster, you and your friends have managed to save us all from No Heart and Monty’s evil clutches. For that, we thank you.

The Tiny Toons just smile and nod in acknowledgement.

True Heart: By coming to our rescue, you have all showed that you have the capacity to care.

Brave Heart: You guys really are Care Bear Champs!

Harmony: Congratulations, Tiny Toons!

Champ: Way the go, sport fans!

Hugs and Tugs: Hurray for the Tiny Toons!

Lotsa Heart: You are our heroes! And that’s the truth!

All of the members of the Care Bears Family congratulate the Tiny Toons for their heroic work. Buster and his friends are deeply moved.

Buster: Thanks, everybody. You are all so kind.

Tenderheart: As a way of thanking you for saving our lives, if there’s anything you kids would want us to do for you, just name it and we will do it.

Mary: Really?

Friend Bear: Yep.

Buster and his friends briefly look at each other, before looking back at the Care Bears.

Babs: Well, there is something. (She pauses and the Care Bears patiently wait to hear the request. After 6 seconds, she speaks again) Can you give us a tour in Care-a-Lot?

Rest of the Tiny Toons: Please?

True Heart: Sure thing!

They all cheer.

We see a montage of scenes which show the Care Bears Family showing Care-a-Lot to the Tiny Toons. The song “Care-a-Lot” can be heard during the montage. We can’t hear them talking during the song, but we can see them moving their mouths. Some scenes even show the Care Bears and the Tiny Toons playing together and laughing, and the Care Bears also demonstrate what abilities their tummy symbols have. After the song is over, the montage of scenes is also over.

Afterwards, there's an enormous luncheon in the Hall of Hearts. The likes of which Care-a-Lot has never seen. Tenderheart and Buster both give the toast. Everyone is raising their glasses.

Tenderheart: I would like to propose a toast. To love.

Buster: To friendship.

Both: And...

Everyone: To caring!

Our friends enjoy their lunch and their celebration and good times are had by all.

The end!

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