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If my Original/TTA/DCU fanfic series was an anime, this would be the intro.

The song I chose is "BREAK YOURSELF" by J-rock band ROLL DAYS, which is also the ending theme for the dub of the original Power Rangers in Japan. (A dub of an adaptation. Think about that.) Enjoy!

0:00: pan shot down to Acme Looniversity, as the Knights do a slow-mo jump through the air.

0:03: Shot of the Knights from left to right, with names in English under them. In order: Batman, Plucky, Babs, Tyrone, Kia, Buster and Superman. Flames appear.

0:11: flames disengrade as logo appears.

0:19: Fast first-person run-shot through Looniversity hall.

0:22: Zoom out from Tyrone's eye, Tyrone showing off swordsman skills.

0:30: Reveals that Tyrone is fighting Buster, who also has a sword, who gets knocked back. Babs then gives him a kiss, and Buster blushes. :mrgreen:

0:37: Plucky shoots several targets with his pistol. (He's also wearing a Stetson. Stetsons are cool.)

0:45: 2 of Plucky's targets are revealed to be Batman and Superman, who Plucky runs away from. :lol:

0:48: Kia runs onto athletic track, with Tyrone holding a stopwatch. Tyrone and Kia share a kiss after she completes 3 laps in a 2 seconds, both unaware that Kia ran so fast, she set the track on fire!

0:52: Shot of Knights running through Looniversity hall, students looking on.

1:00: Shot of Knights fighting squad of mooks for an evil organisation (which has yet to be revealed… ;) ).

1:08: Shot of the Knight-cave. Knights stand in a hexagon shape, with Tyrone in the middle.

1:14: Buster in a graveyard placing flowers on a grave that read:







1:20 OBLIGATORY GROUP SHOT! Tyrone stands in Looniversity courtyard, Buster and Babs run in from left and right, respectively, Plucky appears, before being squashed by an anvil, Batman and Superman float from the sky while Kia runs in from the back. Tyrone does a fist-pump to the air, zooms out to reveal painting of Acme Acres as seen in TTA intro.

So, how'd ya like it? Any thoughts? Concerned about Buster's dead parents? Feel free to drop a comment below!

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