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PostPosted: Sunday, December 06th, 2015 - 03:43:27 

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Injun-Joe wrote:
Scarlet95 wrote:
You may notice that, especially in my concepts for a WB Fighting Game, Daffy's and Plucky's respective second banana statuses are played up to a ridiculous scale. Technical Fairy mocks Daffy, stating that Snafu will easily defeat him, and pretty much calls Plucky a carbon-copy of his mentor. Little to nobody cheers for them and the announcer sounds either monotonous or baffled when he says their names.

Yes, this humour is very mean-spirited, but trust me, it has nothing on what Chrom got.

My word, this was cruel...but it was hilarious! :lol: I found it funny how the 50 Facts Direct stated that the Palutena's Guidance Easter Egg would have tons of cameos. Yeah. Chrom is the only guest star, and Palutena and Viridi gang up on him. Chrom's pathetic comeback is the icing on the cake.

I don't really care about Fire Emblem, but I remember that people on the internet felt 100% sure that Chrom would be one of the newcomers in Smash 4 and belittled anyone who thought otherwise.

Then Lucina and Robin were confirmed instead, and their reveal trailer had a massive F-You to the "Carbon Copy Prince". There were some people who were angered by how unfairly kicked around he was, but who cares?

I love how Chrom has become a laughing stock within the actual game.

Daffy's and Plucky's treatment may seem a little harsh, but they won't be the whipping boys like Chrom. Unlike him, they won't have to get their chance another day.

My lord, I can't take this crap! First off, the voices of some of these characters make me want to stab my eardrums out.
Second, had Chrome made it into the Smash Bros roster, he would've been a Marth clone like his sister, not Ike. Any idiot with a halfway functional brain knows that.(is anyone at Nintendo even paying attention to the details anymore?! SHEEESH!!!) Thirdly, Viridi states that there is no point in having a character that's pretty much a carbon copy of Ike in the game. This, after they put Cloud Strife's epically overrated patoot in the line up.(Cloud is nothing but a way lamer version of Ike in this game! :P ) And fourth, I admit, I laughed when Chrome was thrown to the wayside way back in the Captain Falcon trailer. But this is just...... ouch! I guess Nintendo is banking on never doing anything even remotely serious with the character of Chrome ever again. His image will probably never recover from this flogging.

All of that being said, Daffy and Plucky are in the house!!! A prospect that is never not radical! :D

This is how Captain Falcon removed Chrom from the roster. :D


 Post subject: Assist Characters
PostPosted: Sunday, December 06th, 2015 - 08:02:48 

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I've finally decided who will be this conceptual game's equivalent to the Assist Trophies. I'll go into more detail about them soon. See what you think!


Wile E. Coyote
Sylvester & Tweety
Marvin the Martian
The Dover Boys


The Flash
Green Arrow

Red Hot
Grape Ape
Dick Dastardly & Muttley

Gogo Dodo
Elmyra Duff
Byron Basset

Bull Gator and Axl
Francis X Bushlad
The Platypus Brothers

Francis “Pip” Pumphandle
The Mime
Ralph the Guard
Hip Hippos

The Lobe
The Huntsman

Fred & George
Sirius Black


PostPosted: Saturday, December 12th, 2015 - 07:13:02 

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We get a glimpse of Acme Labs during a dark and stormy night. After five seconds, we fade to the interior of the building. Brain is watching a fight between Plucky, Batman, Freakazoid and Minerva on the Hogwarts stage on one of the many television screens. Pinky can be seen eyeing a photograph of his horse love interest.

Brain: Look at those peons, aimlessly beating their brains out in order to see whom among them is the ultimate Warner Bros star. (Scoffs) It obviously hasn't dawned on them that I alone could single handedly obliterate all of them with my eyes closed. He turns away from the monitor. That was why I wasn't invited. He paces madly around the cage. I don't care. That Mech Suit I built especially for battle was a mere science project! I was going to use it to take over the world, anyway!

Pinky: Egad, Brain! Your bitterness is showing again, NARF!

Brain: (To Pinky) I’m not bitter in the slightest, you lout! I’m just accepting the fact that I’m so formidable, I’d have an unfair advantage over those fools! They’re aware that I will eventually take over the world!

Pinky: Ohhh… (Beat) Well, now that you’ve gotten over it, I can finally give you this. TROZ!

He hands Brain a large envelope which has been sealed by the WB Shield. The big-headed mouse does a double-take as he regards this. Then, he glowers at Pinky, his right ear twitching slightly.

Brain: (Deadly calm) Pinky...what is this?

Pinky: (Cheerily) Our invitation to the Fighting Game, NARF!

Brain takes the envelope and opens it, reading the letter within. His eyes widen with unsettling excitement. After a beat, he looks up from the letter.

Brain: (Deadly calm) Pinky?

Pinky: Yes, Brain? ZORT!

Brain: Remind me to give you a lobotomy, later.

He grabs Pinky, leaps off the table and rushes over to a short robot that looks similar to Brain2Me2 from Star Warners.

Brain: As much as I hate to admit it, Pinky, I shall need your help in battle!

The two mice enter the robot and it immediately roars into life. The words “PINKY & THE BRAIN CONQUER THE COMPETITION!” appear for ten seconds before the robot blasts off with rocket powered feet.

We are shown some gameplay footage of Pinky and Brain controlling the robot on the WB Studios stage. The robot blasts Yakko, Wakko and Dot away and punches Freakazoid, KOing him.

Brain: I was Steven’s favourite the whole time!

On the Acme Looniversity stage, Batman summons Elmyra, who rushes towards Pinky and the Brain. The robot fires Larry out of an arm cannon, knocking Elmyra away.

Brain: Show-wrecker!!

The robot does a spinning attack, knocking Captain Caveman, Lord Voldemort and Lola away.

Brain: If you can't take over the world...

On the Crystal Cove stage, Pinky and the Brain grab the WB Shield. The robot rockets into the sky and into space. It flies up to the Papier-Maché Earth and punches it.

Pinky: We make our own! NARF!

The Papier-Maché Earth crashes down onto the stage, creating an enormous shockwave.

Brain: YES!!

The game’s logo appears on the screen for a few seconds before we see Brain reading the invitation.

Brain: (Dumbfounded) I’m...unlockable?! (To Pinky) Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but...where will we find the cheatcodes so we have ginormous heads? POIT!

Brain: I’m truly alone...

PostPosted: Sunday, December 13th, 2015 - 05:49:41 

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Smoke and dust billows in the Acme Loo Cafeteria as pies, watermelons, drinks and other consumables fly out of it. We hear splattering sounds and Toons yelling. It’s obvious that there is a food fight going on. Suddenly, Babs and Buster fly out of the dust cloud, slide across the floor and hit the wall. They are next to a vent with green gas emitting from it. Buster shakes his head to clear it of the stars and planets and glares.

Buster: (Angry) Monty, for the last time, it’s SNEEZER who’s makin’ that smell!

Montana Max emerges from the dust cloud with a custard pie in one hand and a devilish grin on his face.

Monty: I don’t care about that, rabbit! This food fight is the perfect opportunity for me ta give you long-eared rodents what’s comin’ to ya!

He temporarily poses as the caption “MONTANA MAX BUYS THE COMPETITION!” appears for ten seconds. Buster gets to his feet and rolls up his sleeves.

Buster: We’ll see about that…and by that, I mean I’LL WIN!

He brandishes a water pistol as the caption “BUSTER BUNNY STEALS THE SHOW!”

We see gameplay footage of Buster and Monty rushing towards each other on the Acme Looniversity stage. Monty suddenly throws a Gold Bar at Buster, hitting him and making him dizzy. Monty rushes forward and grabs his weapon.

Monty: That’s mine, it’s mine, all mine!

We cut to Buster spraying Monty with his water pistol on the Gotham City stage. Monty summons Dizzy and the Tasmanian Devil chases the blue bunny offscreen.

Monty: Will Dizzy Eat It?!

Suddenly, the camera cuts to Taz munching on the spoiled brat on the Hogwarts stage. Buster runs up and taunts.

Buster: (With regards to Taz) Maybe not, but he will!

Buster leaps up and grabs the WB Shield.


He leaps up onto the Acme Dam and destroys it, sending an enormous tidal wave crashing onto the stage and KOing Monty.

We are shown the game’s logo for a few seconds before we cut back to Babs, who is still slumped against the wall as the food fight rages on. She slowly opens one eye.

Babs: (Weakly) I suppose…I’ll get my chance…another day…

She passes out once more as the screen fades to black…

Suddenly, we are shown more gameplay footage as Babs rushes onto the WB Studios stage and taunts with Shirley and Fifi. The caption “JUST KIDDING!” appears as she does so. Another caption reads “BABS BUNNY JOINS THE BATTLE…” as Buster, Plucky and Hamton run in as well.

Babs: (Joyfully sobbing) Oh! Oh-ho-ho! I don’t know what ta say!


Babs: (Bitterly) Better than nothing…

 Post subject: Harry Potter Paintings
PostPosted: Saturday, February 20th, 2016 - 04:56:57 

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Playable Fighters

Harry Potter
First Appearance: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (1997)
Born into a family that were both members of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter was the only known person to survive the dreaded killing curse. He seemingly defeated Lord Voldemort, the dark wizard who killed his parents…and that was when he was just a baby! Since then, he has gone on to perform even more incredible feats, such as competing in an inter-school competition and leading a band of rebels…whilst doing school work!

Lord Voldemort
First Appearance: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (1997)
How evil is this dark wizard? Nobody knows. He hates Muggles (that’s non-magical people to you and me) and he killed Harry Potter’s parents. Why did he do this? There was a prophecy that he would be defeated by the one born on the 31st of July. That’s Harry’s birthday. He returned to power during the Triwizard Tournament with one goal in his sights: finally finishing off the Chosen One. Thankfully for the Wizarding World, he isn’t successful.

Professor Dumbledore
First Appearance: “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (1997)
What can be said about the Headmaster of Hogwarts that hasn’t been said already? He defeated Gellert Grindelward, who was a powerful dark wizard, and was the only wizard whom Lord Voldemort was afraid of. He was the well-loved headmaster, and Harry’s mentor. It seems like he’s perfect…although his relationship with his family is barely touched upon for some reason…

PostPosted: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 - 11:48:30 

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Wow, I never thought I'd come back to this concept! :lol: I've had a renewed interest in a WB Fighting Game, but I've been updating the character roster. Here it is:

Looney Tunes
    Yosemite Sam
    Elmer Fudd

Justice League
    Wonder Woman

Private SNAFU

Hanna-Barbera Guests
    Tom and Jerry
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Captain Caveman

Tiny Toon Adventures
    Buster (Alternate: Babs)
    Montana Max


The Plucky Duck Show

    Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Pinky and the Brain
    Pinky and the Brain


Road Rovers

Harry Potter

PostPosted: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 - 13:23:41 
Musical Score

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Those are some good choices! I hope you get that game published and released. If you do, I will definitely play it.

 Post subject: Jake: His Moveset
PostPosted: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 - 13:42:31 

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Taz’s little brother joins the fight. He’s learned all about it from reading comic books and is more than willing to show his skills off!

Franchise Symbol

A silhouette of a bottle cap represents this character’s franchise.

Victory Theme

The bombastic climax of the Taz-Mania theme song heralds this character’s victory.

Character Appearance

Jake is a miniature Tasmanian devil. Unlike Taz, he has orange fur (like his father) and actually wears clothes. His idle animations include him either tying a knot in some rope or strutting on the spot.

Battle Entrance

Jake swoops onto the battlefield. He is wearing his superhero cape (a blue curtain) which he removes before preparing for battle.


Jake salutes in true Bandicoot Scout fashion.
Jake plays with Dog the Turtle for a bit.
Jake briefly plays with his favourite hand puppet.

Special Moves

Whereas Taz uses brute force, Jake uses projectiles and speed in order to secure victory. He has no other choice, his spin isn’t as powerful as his big brother.

Neutral B Attack: Soccer Ball

Jake kicks a soccer ball at opponents, dealing 6% damage if he hits someone with it.

Side B Attack: Scout Rope-tying

Jake throws some Bandicoot Scout rope that can be used to trap opponents, similar to Villager’s Net attack. Jake can also use the rope as a tether to climb back onto a stage if he’s been knocked off!

Up B Attack: Super-Jake

Jake dons his superhero (or is it supervillain?) guise and launches himself upwards, similar to Wario’s Corkscrew attack. Anyone who gets hit by Jake deals 5%.

Down B Attack: Parcel Post

Jake drops a parcel that can either explode or crush opponents. This is similar to Peach’s Turnip attack. The lowest amount of damage the parcels can deal is 7% and the highest is 21%.

THE WB BLAST: The Supreme Jake

Once again, Jake becomes the ultimate superhero and flies around the battlefield, throwing soccer balls that deal 12% damage. This is pretty much Diddy Kong’s Final Smash only it lasts a few seconds longer. Jake can keep the superhero charade up for 50 seconds.

Victory Animations

Jake tries to spin like his brother, but falls down. He grins and blushes sheepishly.
Jake dribbles with the soccer ball and kicks it into the camera. It’s knocked down and he glances down at it nervously.
Jake says “If the Bandicoot Scouts had a roughhousin’ badge, I’d earn it!”

Clapping Animation

Jake sulks at the winner. There’s always next time!

PostPosted: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 - 14:00:56 
Musical Score

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Those are some good moves! Even as a fighter, you had his moves reflect his personality, which was a good touch.

PostPosted: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 - 15:31:47 
Tiny Toon
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Yakkofan4! wrote:
Those are some good moves! Even as a fighter, you had his moves reflect his personality, which was a good touch.

They really ought to let Scarlet direct a fighting game, he's a natural I tell's yuh! ;)




PostPosted: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 - 18:18:31 
Musical Score

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I agree. With these skills, he could probably make this game a reality, along with other good fighting games. If he does, I'll be first in line.

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