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Chapter 10

The nightmares were horrible. They started off nice enough with William happily walking through town with his parents. But soon enough things take a rather disasterious turn. The moon rises high into the sky and then at its fullest Willaim turns back into Wakko right in front of his parents eyes they scream backing away and William confused and scared follows after them and oince the changes are comeplte he lets out a loud cry of "FABOO!" William is suddenly jolted awake shivering with fright not sure as to what his dream has meant. He has been human for so long now that he no longer remembers ever being Wakko and thus this nightmare I shorrifying to him. He tries his best to return to sleep only to have yet another nightmare in the same vain plague him but this time it seems to others that looked a bit like himself appeared right after he turned and took him away from his parents. He begins to cry afraid for himself and afraid hed loose his parents. After some time he finally gets up and walked off to get some water once he has some he notices his mother is sat on the couch with his father and the pair turn to face him"William darling why are you up at this late hour?" Hed loosk at them"Well mother I couldn't sleep I had such horrid nightmares" To this she scoops him up an dputs him to bed and bergins to sing him a lullaby which oddly enough sounds a lot like the one from wakkos wish" He falls asleep soon after and sighs contendly.

ooc heres a new chapter I called the thing a lullaby cuase I thinik the thing yakko was singing to dot was one but I cant remember since it was ages ago last I watched that movie

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