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 Post subject: Cookies or Consequences
PostPosted: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 - 03:09:36 

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Cookies or Consequences
Everything start in the Water Tower, Yakko, Wakko and Dot were playing games...

Wakko: Yakko, I'm bored! Why can't we just go outside and have some fun instead?

Yakko: We have been playing that game for quite a long time.
Man, I'm still upset that they didn’t made games featuring us in the new game generation. Anyway, let's go out!

Dot: Good! I hated that game anyways.

Wakko: I hate one hit kill games!

The Warners leave the tower and continue with their usual shenanigans.

Bystander 1: Run away!!

Bystander #2: It's the Warners!!!

Bystander #3: Run for your lives!!

Yakko: How about doing some shopping, sibs?

Dot: Sure! I could always get another cute outfit from Chenille’s.

Wakko: ...and I would love to chow down at the food court.

Yakko: Let's split up!
Dot, you buy clothing.
Wakko you'll buy groceries.
And I'll buy new comic books. Understood?

Dot: Right.

Wakko: Faboo!

The sibs split up.

Wakko: I guess I'd better get what we need before I chow down.

Wakko finds a newly opened Grocery Store and...

Wakko: This looks like a good place to start.

Clerk: Welcome!

Wakko: Say, miss, do you know where I can get all the stuff that's on this list? (Shows the clerk a really long list of groceries that covers up the clerk's face.)

Clerk: Oh, sure! Let me see how it costs...

Wakko: Okay.

Clerk: Everything is $1100.00. Would you like to buy them now?

Wakko: I don't want to buy them yet. I just want to look at them.

Clerk: Well, feel free to decide what you wish to buy.

Wakko: Sure thing.

Wakko eats most of everything in the store.

Wakko: Faboo! They taste really great!

Clerk: Would you like to taste these free sample cookies?

Wakko: Well if it's free, why bother to pass it up?

Wakko puts the cookies in his gag-bag and pay for the other cookies...

Wakko: This should cover for the other stuff I've eaten.

Clerk: Thanks for your patronage. Have a nice day!

Wakko: Faboo!

Meanwhile, Buster and Babs are dating, Buster is in a formal outfit and Babs with her prom dress from Amazing 3...

Babs: Isn't this date romantic, Buster?

Buster: Of course and specially that dress of yours, Babsy! It's perfect!

Yakko (to Babs): Helloooooooo, nurse!

Babs: Eat your heart out, Yakko!

Buster: Buzz off, Yakko! Babs is my gal and she don't date outside our own species!

Babs: Come on, Buster!
Let's continue our date.
We're getting paid for this cameo anyways.

Yakko: See ya!

Yakko leaves while Dot meets Shirley who is seeing Mr. Plotz's future through her crystal ball...

Shirley: Oh, Mr. Plotz! Like your future isn't looking to bright, and some junk.
Like, the crystal ball says that you'll totally have a hard time dealing with the Warners again, and some junk!

Plotz: I'm having regrets for allowing them to have new episodes.

Dot: Hello, Mr. Plotz! Do you want to see my pet?

Plotz: No thanks! I had a hard time sleeping after seeing your last pet!

Dot: And you, Shirley?

Shirley: Like, don't get me wrong Dot; you're pets look nice, but I rather not see them, and some junk!

Dot: Too bad! But, anyway I'll buy some new clothes. See ya!

Shirley: Like, see you later, and some junk!

Dot is heading to the clothing store.

Dot: Hmmm, they got nice promotions here.

Mary Melody appears; working at the clothing store.

Mary: Hello! You need help finding anything?

Dot: (Showing a new dress from the clothes rack.) Can you consult the price of this one?

Mary: Sure thing, ma'am. (Examines the price of the dress.) It'll cost around $500.
Will you be paying with cash or credit?

Dot: Cash will do!

Mary: No problem.

Dot: Alright, now I must buy a shirt and slacks. (Dot looks around and see a shirt which fits on Wakko and a slack which fits Yakko)

Mary: These would look great on your siblings

Dot: Alright, I'll buy them.

Mary: Okay, that'll be $350, you want to pay with cash again?

Dot: I'll pay with cash as usual. Here it is. (Dot pays for the clothes) Do you mind to pack them as a gift, please?
Mary: Sure! As part of a special deal, if you buy 3 items, I'll gift wrap them for you free of charge. (Mary giftwraps the clothes and gives them to Dot.)
Here you go. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Dot: That's all for now! Thank you!

Mary: You're welcome! Have a nice day!

Dot leaves, while Yakko buys a couple of comic books related to Warner Bros cartoons...

Yakko: No surprise. Animaniacs and Tiny Toons comics are getting popular since we're making new episodes. I'll buy these two.

Fowlmouth: Dagum! You got *bleeping* good taste.

Yakko: (paying the comic books) Goodnight, everybody!

Yakko leaves the comic book store.

Yakko: Well, time to meet up with Wakko and Dot! (Sees a hot rabbit girl.) Hellooooooooo, nurse!

Ray: Buzz off, Yakko! She is Vanessa Rabbit, my wife!

Vanessa: Don't be rude, hun!
It doesn't hurt having an admirer.

Yakko: I tell you, Ray! You are one very lucky rabbit to have someone like her.

Ray: Yes, she is just perfect.
Anyway, we'll be having a date. See ya!

Vanessa: Anyway, hun!
You must be careful with the piano.

Ray: What piano? (Piano falls on top of him; in pain) Oh, that one.

Vanessa: (carrying Ray in her arms.) You never learn...
Yakko: I guess not!
Anyways, I got to meet up with my sibs!


Wakko (thinking): I've got the groceries which I needed and also free samples.
Hmm, I'll taste one! (Wakko tastes one cookie.) (Thinking) Wow! It's better than expected! (Wakko ends up eating everything and realize so late that he got extremely fat.) (Thinking) Wow! I never thought I would get this fat from eating cookies.

A tour bus passes by.

Conductor: And here on your right, you’ll see a very fat dog like thing.

Everyone on the tour bus laughs, including Hamton.

Hamton (laughing): Finally, a tour bus group that’s laughing at someone other than me.

Wakko (thinking): Now they're laughing at me and I don't even make a joke.
That's not faboo!

Yakko and Dot appear.

Yakko: Wow Wakko, you really let yourself go!

Wakko: I just tasted free sample cookies and I ended up like that.
Guess that grocery store clerk fooled me.

Concord Condor appears.

Concord (to Wakko): Having weight issues, huh?

Wakko: Nope, I just got fat because someone did a boring question.

Dot: Well look on the bright side Wakko!
At least there is more of you to love! (Laughs)

Monty appears.

Monty: What happened with your bottomless of a stomach?
Have you sold it?

Wakko: This is not funny at all! I feel so ashamed!

Monty: I recall of a very dangerous type of cookie which gave a similar effect.
Thought it was forbidden, unless someone gave you of purpose.

Wakko: I can't help it! That clerk lady tempted me into getting these cookies!

Monty: Better visit the store.
You may ask why I'm doing it.
Well, I can't just play the bad guy all the time.

Wakko: I guess I have no other choice then.
I must ask that clerk what's in those cookies!

Monty: You'll need to get in a very hard diet in order to get rid of that abnormal fat otherwise... We'll, let's just says that you'll don't like the result if you keep eating too much in that state, Wakko.

Wakko: Ah! That's good to know!

Yakko: Very well, Wakko!
Show us were you got these dangerous cookies.

Wakko: But, you need to be patient. I barely can walk with that fat on me. (Points at the grocery store) I got them from that grocery store over there.

The gang realizes the store has been emptied.

Yakko: Are you sure that you bought the groceries there?

Wakko: I'm sure that this is the very one.

Lil' Sneezer appears.

Dot: Lil’ Sneezer, do you know anything that has happened in that grocery store?

Lil' Sneezer: Yes! A strange woman packed everything and left in a truck.

Dot: I see! So much for going to the store to find her, huh Wakko.

Lil' Sneezer: Ah, ah, AH-CHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (The sneeze sends Dot flying.) Bless me! I'm allergic to your perfume, Dot!

Dot: Is there any perfume that you're not allergic to, Lil' Sneezer?

Lil' Sneezer: I really need a doctor, sorry.

Yakko: Before searching for clues, let's bring our stuff back to the Warner Tower, sibs!

Dot: Sure thing, Yakko!

Wakko: Faboo!

Yakko: Hmm... Cookies which make you extremely fat... Guess we need to find a specialist.

Wakko: Who are we going to find a specialist that specializes in those types of cookies?

Yakko: That person is not a specialist in cookies, but still a well know cartoon character who knows almost everything.
Anyway, let's go back; we'll lose our stuff if we carry them while searching.

The gang drop by at the Water Tower and leave their new stuff there, but Wakko is too fat that he can't climb back to the Water Tower.

Wakko: Oh darn! I'm so fat that I can't even fit inside the tower!

Yakko: Guess Dot and I will have to take our stuff back.

Dot: I guess so!

Yakko: Let's consult Slappy about who could be that person.
Perhaps she may know someone who is familiar with cookies like these.
Why? She is around for quite a long time that she might had meet many looney tunes stars before us.

Dot: Yeah! Good thinking, Yakko! Slappy does know her way around many great stars.

Wakko: Of course! Slappy knows everything that we don’t!

And at Slappy’s home…

Slappy: Alright, you three! What do you want this time?

Yakko: Have you know if existed a cartoon character familiar with cookies which make people extremely fat?

Slappy: Cookies... That reminds me of a forgotten cartoon character.
She was Cookie.
I recall she was Buddy's girlfriend.

Dot: Buddy's girl friend?
Wow, she must be in his cartoons before we were born.

Wakko: I'm still confused. Why exactly is Cookie capable in making these types of cookies?

Slappy: I'm not sure why.
But, if she is the responsible, then it was for revenge.
She was fired following your creation and studied cooking.
But, vowed to get back at you before disappearing.

Yakko: Good grief... A jealous cartoon character who blame us for being fired and wants revenge.

Dot: I wonder if Buddy knows anything about Cookie's revenge plan.

Slappy: I recall that Buddy had gone insane after the event in 65th anniversary special. Now all he says is "Bonk me in the head! Bonk me in the head."

Dot: Wow! That bad huh?

Slappy: Well considering what happened with him...
That's not a surprise, but you guys already now who is the culprit.
There is a fortune teller who can help you into finding Cookie and you may know that person perfectly well.

Dot: Well, I did meet her earlier today, so I know where she is. Follow me!

Meanwhile, Shirley is seeing Skippy's future...

Shirley: Oh my gosh! This is like totally horrible and some junk!!!

Skippy: What is it?

Shirley: Like that Facts of Life rerun! It like, has so many plotholes in it and some junk!

Skippy: And my future?

Shirley: Oh, right. Like, I see through my crystal ball that you will like totally make it big on TV. In fact, you and Slappy will get your own show in the near future and some junk! (Skippy is pleased about his future, but then Shirley sees an image of Dot kissing him by surprise.) Oh wait! Now I like, totally see you being kissed by Dot by surprise, and some junk!

Skippy: What? Spew!!

Dot manage to kiss Skippy since he got too distracted...

Shirley: Oh! Like talk about being spot on and some junk!

Skippy: (annoyed) Spew and a half!!

Dot: Admit it! You loved that kiss didn't you?

Skippy (blushing): Why me?

Dot: Why not?

Yakko: You can try date him after we are done, Dot.
More importantly, Shirley...
Can you find a old and retired cartoon character named Cookie?
She was Buddy's girlfriend.

Shirley: Like, I'll try to find her and some junk!

Shirley locates Cookie who lives in a house next-door to Elmyra's house.

Shirley: Like, Cookie lives next door to Elmyra's house!
I'd like better be careful if I were you, because you really like don't want Elmyra to see you all and some junk!

Yakko: Our agent said that we can punish her if she dare to touch us. So, you sibs can figure the rest...

Wakko: Good! I always wanted to get even with Elmyra!

Dot: Hmm, it'll be pretty difficult to use a hammer with that fat, Wakko.

Yakko: Dot's right, Wakko!
I think it would be best if you stayed here.

Shirley: Like, I can totally put you back to perfect fit and some junk.
But it'll be painful and take long till you're better.

Wakko: I don't know! I think no matter what I try, it would take a while for me to feel better after my fat is gone.

Shirley: Like, let's get started. (Shirley levitates and takes Wakko with her)
Find Cookie and capture her.
If she spread these cookies then everyone will end up like Wakko.

Yakko: You heard her, Dot! Let's go!

Shirley: I'll bring Wakko to my house.
Give me a phone call and some junk when you're done.

Dot: We will!


Cookie: (thinking) Hope the other sibs ate these cookies.
The Warners must pay for ruining my career.

Yakko and Dot finds Cookie's house, but they're spotted by Elmyra.

Elmyra: Oooooh! It's the cute little Warners again!
I want to hug you and squeeze you into itty bitty pieces!

Yakko: Let's make her turn into our "best friend"!

Dot: I thought you would never ask!

Yakko: Well, Elmyra!
Do you know what makes a good music, but it's painful when it falls on you?

Elmyra: No.

Yakko: The piano! (A piano falls in Elmyra)

Elmyra: Ouchhhhhhh!! Why me?

Dot: Why not?

Yakko: Well, this is what happens when you can't guess what it is.

Dot: Now, Elmyra!
Do you know what look like a candle, but makes a big boom?

Elmyra: Um, no.

Dot (places a lit stick dynamite next to Elmyra): Now take a wild guess!
Elmyra (blows up): Never you mind.

Yakko: (looking at the camera) Kids! Don't do it in real life.
Anyway, let's go, Dot!

Dot (looks at the camera): Trust me; we are trained professional loonies! (To Yakko) Right behind you, Yakko!

And then, someone knocks at Cookie's house, but when she receive, there is nobody there.

Cookie: Hello? (Looks and sees no one there.) Lousy pranksters! (Slams door, turns around and sees the Yakko and Dot in front of her.) Ahhhhhh!!!!! How did you get in here!!!!!

Dot: That's just a little thing which we do.

Yakko: Yeah!
Anyways, I heard that you gave Wakko some cookies!
Care to explain it?

Cookie: How did you knew about it?
I didn’t even revealed my name while making that fake grocery store.

Yakko: We have our sources.

Cookie: Buddy and my career went downhill because of you!
They even fired me after deciding to make Buddy become your favorite punching bag.
Buddy went completely insane after what happened in the 65th Special and he is even being feeding through machines since he stopped eating. I
wished that you had never been created!!

Dot: Want to see my pet?

Cookie: Are you sure that you can keep a pet in that small box?

Dot: Oh, you would be surprised when you see it. (Opens the box and a monster pops up)

Cookie: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Yakko: Want to see my skills with the paddleball?

Cookie: I'd rather not!

Yakko: Too bad! (Smacks Cookie with the paddleball a few times.)

Cookie: Ouch!!

Dot: Alright, Cookie!
The making of these cookies are strictly forbidden.
And the fact you manufactured them just for revenge don't make you any better.
Buddy realized in the last moment that revenge would lead him nowhere.
You had hid yourself and don't tried to get a life.

Yakko: So will you kindly surrender already?

Cookie: After being fired, I've got a miserably life and without any job opportunity.
But, I'm still disappointed...
Wakko ate all the cookies without sharing with you.
But it's alright... I don't have power to stop you...

Yakko: Of course!
We'll always be this annoying, so you made a wise decision.

Dot: You'll have a word with the police.
Meanwhile, Yakko and I will destroy the stock of cookies.
If it spread, then everyone will be morbid fat in few time.

Yakko: Yeah! We don't want all of Burbank to end up morbidly obese like Wakko!

Cookie: I'll think about my life after my stay in the jail ends...
So, I'll start over.

Dot: That's good!
Just remember that we'll show up where you'll least expect it the next time you do badly again!

Yakko and Dot burn the stock of cookies in a safe area while Cookie is taken away by the police...

Yakko: That's the last of them!

Dot: I heard that revenge can make people do things which they'll regret.
Hope Cookie learned that lesson.

Yakko: Yeah! Speaking of learning a lesson, let's get Wakko and do our Wheel of Morality skit.

Dot: Have you got Shirley's phone number?

Yakko: No, I thought you have it.

Dot: Hmm, I bet Fowlmouth might have.

Yakko: Luckily for us, I know where he works at.

Plucky: Hold it! I have Shirley's phone number!
Don't ask Fowlmouth! (Suddenly, an anvil fall on Plucky) (In pain) Ingrates!

Yakko: Well getting Shirley's number from Plucky is a lot easier than getting it from Fowlmouth.

Dot: I agree, but who dropped that anvil anyway?

Meanwhile, inside of a small airship...

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I am pondering?

Pinky: I think so Brain, but if drinking is bad for us, why do we need to in order to live?

The Brain: It's not that, Pinky! If we steal that duck's technology then we might find a way to take over the world!

Pinky: Egad, Brain! Brilliant!
Oh wait, what if Plucky's inventions fail like ours did?

The Brain: Well, you got a good point.
But, had you fueled our airship, Pinky?

Pinky: Uh, no I thought you did. Poit!

The air ship starts to lose control.

The Brain: If we are lucky, then we'll fall safely in ACME Labs before I can yell "poit", Pinky!

The ship start falling in the direction of ACME Labs and...

Pinky: We'll made it, Brain?

Brain: Of course! My calculations are correct 99% of the time.

However, they fall in a street nearby.

Brain: (yelling) POIT!!!

Pinky: (laughing) Narf!

The ship break in pieces and both Pinky and the Brain are injured.

The Brain: That was a painful miscalculation.
Anyway, enjoy yourself, Pinky!
We must prepare ourselves for tonight.

Pinky: Why, Brain?
What are we going to do tonight?

The Brain: We'll treat our wounds and then we'll try to do what we do everynight, Pinky!
Try to take over the world!!

The Pinky and the Brain theme song plays.

Meanwhile, Yakko and Dot take out the anvil which had fallen on Plucky...

Yakko: There we go! Now to dial Shirley's number, and tell her we've done the job.

Plucky: Thanks, here is her number! *give the phone number*

Yakko: Dot, how's about writing down Shirley's number, so Plucky would still have his copy of it.

Dot: Sure! (She writes down the phone number.)

Yakko: Here, Plucky! You can keep your copy.
Now if you excuse me, I got to make this call. (Dials Shirley's number.)

Plucky: Sure. I'm happy that I could help.

Shirley: (voice only) Like, hello?

Yakko: Hi, Shirley!
We've taken care of Cookie.

Shirley (voice only): Like Hello, Yakko!
That's good to know and some junk.
Wakko is here having rigorous exercises and he'll be perfect fit after a couple of hours and some junk.

Yakko: That's good to hear. I can't wait to see him after he gets fit!

Shirley (voice only): I'll send a map to show where I live.

Yakko: Cool! We'll be right there.

Dot: I just hope they're not watching a workout video featuring Richard Simmons.

Shortly after, they arrive in Shirley's house...

Dot: Wow!
It look like a haunted mansion from some horror movie.

Yakko: Shhhh...
You want to get sued by Disney?

Dot: Well...
Let's just knock the door, then?

Yakko knocks on Shirley's door.

Shirley answers the door...

Shirley: Like, welcome, Yakko and Dot! Wakko is ready, he got a bit buffed up, but it's better than nothing.

Wakko: I feel stronger than ever!
Want to see the strength of my armpits?

Yakko: That's not bad. At least you don't look like a certain Sega character.

Wakko: Oh, that character! I hear he's cute!

Dot: Buffed guys are not cute as me.

Shirley: Like, if you don't mind I'll go to bed and take a nap and some junk.

Yakko: I guess we'll be heading back to the tower then.
Thanks for helping out, Shirley!
See ya!

And near the tower…

Yakko: Woah, Wakko, Dot, hold up! It’s that time again!

Wakko: To make bubbles with our spit?

Dot: To have another frivolous attempt to win an Emmy?

Yakko: No, it’s time to learn the moral of today’s story, and to find out what it is, we'll turn to the Wheel of Morality! (Spins the Wheel) Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn! Moral #6, and the moral of this story is: Don't ask how some cookies are made.

Wakko: Of course! It all makes sense now!
Thanks for telling us that.

Yakko: My pleasure!

Dot: It got late, how about some shut-eye for today?

Yakko: Sure thing, Dot.

Ralph: Duh! Hope you don’t cause trouble tomorrow!

Yakko: Don’t worry, we’ll don’t.
(Whispering to the camera) Do you think I’m serious?

The Warners go to the tower and perform their end tag.

End Tag:

Yakko: Goodnight, Wakko!

Wakko: Goodnight, Yakko!
Goodnight, Dot!

Dot: Goodnight, Wakko!
Goodnight, Yakko!

Yakko: Goodnight, Dot!

~The End~


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Great idea, and great plot. It actually feels like an episode. BTW, nice placement of TTA cameos. I'd like to be Buster's wingman on that date! :lol:

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I choose cookies!




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That was a really good story. Along with capturing the feel of an actual episode, the Tiny Toons cameos were a nice touch. Also, do you use Tumblr?

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