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This is a Animaniacs fanfic made alongside Zach David Harper
The story is "Love, Love, Daze" which the Warners decide to leave the Water Tower and have some fun.
While Fifi asks Mr. Plotz to give her a better role should the series continues or have a reboot.
Later, a painter accidentally dropped a bucket of white paint on Yakko's back, making him look like a skunk and Fifi chases him around the lot...

Episode 1:
Love, Love, Daze

Our story start in the Water Tower...

Dot: Look, it's 2014 already! Why we don't go out and have some fun?
It's boring staying locked here, just because our show has been cancelled.

Yakko: Yeah! So far this year has brought us nothing but boredom since our show's been cancelled!
There's got to be a way to get a reboot to our cartoon.

Wakko: Not only that, but those reruns of Animaniacs the studio is airing are driving me insane!

Yakko: Let's go out and show that we are still alive and kicking!

The Warners leaves the Water Tower and bystanders are shocked with their return...

Random guy: It's the Warners!

Random woman: Run! They're up no good again!

Some other random guy: Run for your lives!!!

Yakko: Guess they still remember us!
Anyway, sibs!
It's time to be zany to the max!

Wakko: Faboo!

Dot: I just can't wait to show my adorable pets again!

Meanwhile, Fifi asks Mr. Plotz to give her a better role in a future Animaniacs sequel or reboot...

Plotz: Ah, Ms. La Fume! It is a nice surprise to see you. What do you want me to do for you today?

Fifi: Merci! It's been a long time since Tiny Toons ended and I wanted a better role in Animaniacs should the series continue or have a reboot, no?

Plotz: Alright, I'll see what I can do, but we haven't done an episode of Animaniacs for years!

Fifi: I'll be just patient, no?
Thanks for your attention.

Plotz: You're welcome, Fifi!
Just be patient and maybe we'll do a reboot of both series!

Fifi: Thanks! Au revoir, Mr. Plotz!


A painter accidentally dropped a bucket of white paint in Yakko's back and...

Yakko: Gah! I got paint in my back!!!

Wakko: You almost look like a skunk now, faboo!

Dot: It reminds me of "What we are?"
I did a skunk impression, but I managed to stink too.

Yakko: I just hope that no love struck female skunk doesn't spot me.

Suddenly, Fifi spots Yakko and change to her natural beauty...

Fifi: Ooh la la!
Mon petite skunk hunk!

Yakko: Hello, French nurse!!

Wakko: Wait, Yakko! Have you forgot?
She is Fifi la Fume!

Dot: Yeah! She's a skunk, Yakko!

Yakko: Guess I'm trouble! *Yakko flees and...*

Fifi feels pleasure with her skunk hunk running away...

Fifi: Little boys are such children!

Dot: Should we stop her?

Wakko: Let Yakko have some fun, faboo!

Dot: Sounds like fun.

Yakko manage to hide himself from Fifi and...

Yakko: (panting) I'll hide in here until the coast is clear.

Fifi grabs Yakko from behind and...

Yakko: It's not just Fifi that stinks, the script stinks too.

Fifi kiss Yakko many times, but despite the fact she is enjoyable, the smell is too strong...

Yakko: Don't get me wrong, Fifi!
I really love your kisses, but your stench is way too strong for me!
Gotta run! (He breaks free and runs away)

Fifi: My jiggling gigolo wants to play hide and seek?

Yakko decides to hide in a movie theater to see Gollyzilla.

Fifi: That's an amazing movie, don't you think?

Yakko: Yeah, but it needs more- Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (Runs out of theater)

Fifi giggles and resume the chase...

Yakko looks around and sees a golf cart with the keys still in it.

Yakko: Ah, perfect! I can get away from Fifi much quicker that way!

Fifi: That'll be a romantic trip, no?

Yakko is shocked to see Fifi in the golf cart, and jumps out of the golf cart while it's still moving.

Fifi turn it off and resume the chase, everyone is knocked since she is too excited...

Fifi: I am almost finding you, my handsome skunk hunk!!!

Random man 1: Skunk!!! *faints*

Random Woman 1: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (Faints)

Meanwhile, Shirley sees Dr. Scratchansniff future while she is in the lot...

Shirley: Like, you'll have problems with the Warners once again and some junk.

Dr. Scratchansniff: I'm not surprised.
They've always been a nuisance since I first met them.

Shirley sees a lot of people knocked through her crystal ball and see Fifi going to where she is...

Shirley: Like, this is also no surprise!
Fifi is obviously mistaking someone else for a male skunk and some junk! (Looks into the crystal ball and sees an image of Yakko with a white stripe painted on his back!)
Oh! It appears to be Yakko that she is chasing!

Shirley senses Fifi smell and realize that she is overly excited which is dangerous, so she decide to take a leave...

Shirley: Like, I'm out of here! Fifi is totally heading this way!

Dr. Scratchansniff sees Fifi from behind and...

Dr. Scratchansniff: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (Buries himself to the ground)

Yakko tries to hide himself in the Writer's office where Buster and Babs are giving suggestions for their next story and...

Buster: We need to make our comeback a little bit more special. I suggest we should start off with a very special introduction, followed by another feud against Monty.

Babs: Yeah, and maybe include some more rabbits while you're at it.

Writer 1: Alright, anything else?

Buster: I also wouldn't mind Montana Max having a plan to get rid of us as well as having some hired help.

Babs: Not only from some old characters, but maybe add some new characters as well.

Writer 2 notices Yakko and...

Writer 2: Yakko, you and your siblings wouldn't mind making some cameo appearances on Tiny Toons, would you?

Yakko: That would be funny!

Babs: (thinking) I hate cameos. (Saying) Also, as a surprise ending, how about having Lil` Sneezer be the unlikely hero in this cartoon?

Writer 1: Sure, let me contact his agent.

Hello Nurse enters in the room and...

Yakko and Buster: Hellooooooooo, nurse!

Babs: (mad) Buster!

Buster: Sorry, Babsy! Force of habit!

Yakko jumps in Hello Nurse's arms and...

Yakko: You can have me, but be gentle. I'm fragile.

Writer 1: Alright, Babs! Lil' Sneezer's agent said he is available.

Babs: Good! Now we've got a great comeback show!

Yakko kiss Hello Nurse intently, but she reveals to be Fifi under disguise, and the Writer's Office is flooded with her smell.

Buster and Babs quickly covers their noses with clothespins.
All of the writers faint and Yakko quickly jumps out of Fifi's arms running away while Fifi tease him as he leaves…

Fifi: Don't worry, my love! Soon you'll be forever mine, no?

Buster: Should we tell her, Babs?

Babs: Nah! This is getting good!

Meanwhile, Wakko and Dot are messing around the lot...

Wakko: Wow! I never had this much fun since 1996!

Dot sees a bystander and...

Dot: Want to see my pet?

Bystander: Why sure!

Dot shows a hideous one eyed monster with sharp claws and...

Bystander: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (Runs away in fear)

Dot sees Skippy visiting the lot and decide to tease him...

Dot: Say, Skippy. You want to have some fun?

Skippy: Oh! Hello, Dot! Which fun you mean?

Dot: Oh you know, zany to the max fun! Now close your eyes, Skippy.

Skippy: Alright, my eyes are closed! Now what?

Dot gives a kiss to Skippy...

Skippy: Spewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

Dot: That reaction is almost as cute as me! (Giggles)

Fifi appears and everyone is knocked by her smell, while Yakko is striving to stay away from her...

Fifi: Oh my jiggling gigolo of passion! We can't fight our love any longer!

Dot: Gasp! Her smell got too strong!! *faints*

Wakko: This is not faboo! (Faints)

Skippy: Spew and a half!!!!!! (Faints)

Few minutes later, Yakko sees Minerva Mink singing her own theme "It's not pretty being me!"...

Yakko: Hellooooooooo, nurse!!!!

Minerva flirts at Yakko and he howls like a wolf...

Yakko: Ahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minerva: Hello! Are you alone today?

Yakko: Oh yeah!!!

Minerva: To be honest, I'm alone too.

Yakko: Want to get together?

Minerva: That would be fun!

The two hug each other; Minerva giggles and catch Yakko with her tail, only to reveal that she is Fifi in disguise...
Fifi: At last I finally got you. (Kisses Yakko repeatedly) Oh my totally awesome beau! You are like ripe bree in my arms! (Kisses Yakko repeatedly again.)

Yakko (jaw drop): She completely fooled me...

Narrator: Yakko, are you enjoying that story?

Yakko: Yes and no! Why do you ask?

Narrator: She'll never leave you alone.

Yakko senses that her smell is getting strong and...

Yakko: Don't get me wrong! She's pretty, but it's the smell that turned me off! I'm out of here!

Yakko escapes and...

Fifi: My love for him will always be true, no?

Few time later, Yakko meets Slappy Squirrel and asks her help...

Yakko: Slappy! I could really use your help! I got this love struck skunk after me, and since you don't have any morrow code, can you please help me get rid of her?

Slappy: Why? Aren't ya ditching her just because she is a skunk?

Yakko: Yeah! I mean don't get me wrong, she looks good, but her smell really stinks!

Slappy grabs Yakko and...

Slappy: Don't let it affect you, cheri!

*Reveals to be Fifi*

Yakko: Oh no!!! (Runs away)

Yakko realizes that he is having a nightmare, but unfortunately is real...

Yakko (thinking): That must be a nightmare! *He slaps himself in his own face and*
Yakko: Ouch! (Thinking) It's real.

Yakko looks around and start to feel paranoid thinking that any girl could be Fifi disguised...

Yakko (thinking): Who knows what other girl Fifi will be disguised as next?

Yakko sees Katie Kaboom passing by and...

Yakko: Not to be rude, miss! But, are you a skunk under disguise?

Katie turns into a monster and...

Katie: (angry) I AM NOT A SKUNK!!!!!
I AM A TEENAGER!!!!!!! (Katie slams Yakko in the ground and goes away...)

Yakko: Sheesh! This girl has anger issues.

Yakko overheard a conversation and…

Random bystander 1: That guy is a chicken! I tell you, a GIANT chicken!!

Random bystander 2: You must be joking. He is a pretty good actor!

Yakko: Wait a minute! You say that guy is a great actor?

Bystander 2: Of course! He is no other than Mel McBoo

Mel McBoo: Buck bugah!

Yakko: Good! I need him to play a very special part!

Bystander 1: You two are crazy!
Why you can't see it?
He is a chicken!!
A giant chicken!!!
I tell you!!

Bystander 3: Come on, he is just not so good with words.
Right, Mr. McBoo?

Mel McBoo: Bugah!!

Bystander 4: I am McBoo's agent! My name is Harry!

Yakko: Okay, Harry. Do you think your client will be comfortable to play a male skunk in the pursuit of love towards a female skunk?

Harry: What do you think, Mr. McBoo?

Mel McBoo: Buh buck bugah!

Harry: He said he'll do it, but he can't do for free.

Yakko: Don't worry! I have it covered. *Shows a check of $2,000,000 that is signed by Plotz*

Mel Mcboo: Buck buck bugah!

Harry: He said that he don’t accept paychecks.

Yakko: Okay, what will your client accept?

Mel McBoo: Buck bugah bugah!

Harry: He said that he accept money only.

Yakko: Fine! I'll be right back!

Yakko returns to the Water Tower and sees Byron Basset inside and taking a nap...

Yakko: Since when did we own a dog?

Byron (who awoke up): Excuse-me, mister! But, is this your Water Tower?

Yakko: Why yes it is; why did you ask?

Yakko picks up the money and Byron reveals to be Fifi in disguise...

Yakko: I knew this was coming! (Runs away)

Fifi shows more excitement about the chase...

Fifi: I'm enjoying this chase, no?

Yakko return to McBoo and...

Yakko: Alright! Here's the exact amount in cash! Now will you play the part?

McBoo: Buck!

Harry: He said "Yes!"

Yakko: Thank you! You won't regret it!

McBoo goes to put his skunk costume while Yakko waits and after he leave, Penelope appears running and she hides behind Yakko while Pepe Le Pew is unable to look for her...

Pepe: Where is my skunkette?

Yakko: Ehhhhhhh, I haven't seen her!

Pepe: Merci! She is so shy! I wonder where she went, no?

Yakko: She went that'll way! *shows the direction* If you hurry, you could catch her!

Pepe: Thanks! *Leaves*

Yakko (whispers to Penelope): Go on! You're safe from him, for now.

Suddenly, another Penelope appears being chased by Pepe, leaving Yakko confused...

Yakko (scratches his head): Wait a minute! If that's Penelope, then who- (gasps) oh no!

Yakko is grabbed by the fake Penelope who he had been protecting...

Fifi: I'll never leave you alone, my skunk hunk!

Yakko: Wait, Fifi! You don't want me!
I'm not handsome enough for you! (Points at Mel McBoo) The skunk hunk you really want is right over there!

McBoo: Buck?!

Yakko: Yeah, Mel! That's the female skunk that'll be in the same movie as you.

Fifi: What an adorable skunk hunk! He looks so manly, no?

McBoo flees in terror, and Fifi chases him.

Harry: Yakko, I don't know how it'll end.
But, you must stay true to your word.

Yakko: Right! Here's the cash as promised.

Harry: Thanks, Yakko! Now I must find my client and give the money, or it'll stink.

Harry rush to the direction which Mel McBoo went...

Yakko: I can tell that this relationship is going to lay a rotten egg!

Wakko and Dot appears all dizzied and...

Dot: Eewww! That smell was so diiiiisssgusting!! I'm even feeling dizzy...

Wakko: Yeah, and I thought I was disgusting!

Yakko: Very well, sibs! Today's romance is over, so let's have a bath and go to bed!

Dot: Yeah, I don't want to smell joke this forever.

Ralph: Duh! Hope you guys don't cause trouble tomorrow!

Yakko: Don't worry, Ralph! We won't! (Looks at the camera with a smirk and his eyebrows twitching)

In the next day, the Warners are ready for trouble, but Yakko meets Fifi heart broken, because her skunk hunk is gone...

Fifi: Le boo... Le boo… No one loves you, Fifi!

Yakko: Hi, Fifi! I'm sorry that your skunk hunk left you.

Fifi: He was just a giant chicken in a skunk suit! Le boo...

Yakko sees Ray Rabbit and...

Yakko: Hey, Ray! Don't you want to have a supporting role?

Ray: Just a cameo, why?

Yakko quickly put a skunk suit and kick him next to Fifi who was about to leave...

Ray: Huh?

Fifi is overjoyed when Ray scream in terror...

Ray: Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Fifi: Ooh la la! Another hot skunk hunk! (Attempts to kiss him, but Ray runs away.) Well you know what they say. Once you're thrown from the horse, you must get back on a ride!

After Fifi leaves...

Dot: It wasn't mean doing such a thing to him?

Yakko: I know, but I don't want to see any girl get heartbroken.

Wakko: Anyway... I don't get the moral of that story....

Yakko: No problem, Wakko! That's why we have the Wheel of Morality! (Spins the Wheel) Wheel of Morality turn, turn, turn! Tell us the lesson that we should learn. Moral #4, and the moral of this story is: Love stinks, so put on some deodorant!

Wakko: Better go back and catch mine!

Yakko: Goodnight, everybody!

Dot: Boys....

End tag...

The Warners appears in the Water Tower...

Yakko: I'm Yakko!!

Wakko: I'm Wakko!

Dot: ...and I'm cute!

~The end~


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I Image Fifi!




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This could just as easily be a Tiny Toons written work, neat. :)




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