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Plot: Pinky had a dream which he is a general who is clueless about what he should do in the battlefield, meanwhile The Brain have a dream which he took over the world, but claimed he did the job all alone which made Pinky pack a hammer in his head for being ungrateful.
Later, two lab scientists appeared and separed the two to oversee their development in two different laboratories.

Pinky and the Brain:
Poit Emergency!

In a battle field...

Mouse Soldier 1: We arrived in our destination, General Pinky!
What's your orders, sir?

General Pinky: Rest all day and free pellets for everyone, narf!

Mouse Soldier 2: Rest all day?
I'm sorry, General, but we arrived in the enemy's territory.
So, we have no time for it.

Another soldier appears...

Mouse Soldier 3 (running): The enemy army spotted us!!

Mouse Soldier 1: Please, give us the order to attack, General!

General Pinky: Poit!

Mouse Soldier 2: What's that "poit", sir?
A war cry?

General Pinky: Hum... It's... Ehhh... Zort!!

Colonel Brain appears and...

Colonel Brain: General Pinky is not feeling well to lead today, soldier!

General Pinky: Huh, Brain!
What we are doing here?

Colonel Brain: Have you forgot even that, general?
Very well, I'll refresh your memory:
A couple of days ago, we entered in war against Commander Snowball who somehow returned and he spliced the genes of several
hamsters who are now part of his army.

General Pinky: Wow!
That's clever for him, troz!

Colonel Brain: Clever or not, it's still a enemy who will soon be retired.
Since you're not feeling well, I'll take over.

General Pinky: "Retired"?
Don't you mean...

Colonel Brain: Yes, we'll have to kill them.
And if you're hesitant to kill, then allow me to show how it's done, General Pinky!

General Pinky: But killing is a bad thing.

Colonel Brain: Have you realized that we are in war?
Kill or get killed, so it's pointless to think about compassion.
The enemy will never surrender till they're dead.

General Pinky: Oh, no!

Another soldier appear and...

Mouse Soldier 4: The enemy is marching to our current location!
Please give the order open fire!!

Colonel Brain: All troops prepare to open fire!!

General Pinky: That's bad... What I should do?

And then, Pinky awoke up in his cage...

Pinky: Ahhhhhhh!!

Pinky looks around and...

Pinky: It's my cage...
So, it was a dream...

Pinky notices that Brain is still sleeping...

Pinky: Huh!
Brain is still sleeping, I wonder if he is still having the dream.

In Brain's dream...

The Brain: I, The Brain, finally took over the world from humanity!
This is a moment of glory for our race!

Mice: *Cheers*

The Brain: And I managed to achieve my goal alone!!

Pinky: Alone?
I risked my fur for you and you're not even grateful?

The Brain: Why I should have credited you?
You slowed me down many times with your ignorance.

Pinky: How dare you?
You're too ungrateful and selfish for my narf!!!

*Pack a hammer in The Brain*

The Brain (crushed): Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Pinky attempt to make Brain awoke up...

Pinky: Brain!
Awoke up!!

The Brain awoke up and...

The Brain: Huh!?!
So, it was just a dream...

Pinky: Yes, we are not in the battlefield, narf!

The Brain: What you're talking about?
My dream was about world domination, Pinky!

Pinky: Huh?
So it means we aren't having the same dream?

The Brain: Actually, two individuals cannot have the same dream, Pinky!
Anyway, I must remember to credit you should we take over the world.

Pinky: Why?

The Brain: Because, in that dream you crushed me with a hammer for not giving any credit, I'll say.

Pinky: Oh!
I would not do such a thing, but I would be very sad if you didin't credit me, narf!

The Brain: That's good to know, but I'll credit you anyway.
It would be a shame if the world blamed me for being ungrateful.

Pinky: Anyway, Brain!
What we'll do tonight?

The Brain: We'll do the same thing which we do every night, Pinky...

Suddenly two scientists appears in the lab...

The Brain (whispering): I didn't expected them at this time...
Anyway, pretend that you're just a regular mouse, Pinky!

Scientist 1: We have invested a lot money in these two mice and they don't show signs of intelectual development.

Scientist 2: So, they're just failed test subjects?

Pinky (whispering): Failed test subjects?

The Brain (whispering): Shhhh!!

Scientist 2: Should we get rid of them?

Scientist 1: Nah!
We can still oversee their development separately.
So, let's separe them to two different labs and see how they can develop.

Scientist 2: Very well, I'll take the big headed one.

The scientist catch Brain and put him in another cage...

Pinky (in his cage): Oh, no!!

Scientist 1: Huh?
Have you said something?

Scientist 2: Nope!

The Brain (whispering): Be quiet, Pinky!
There's nothing which we can do about it.

Scientist 1: Well, it must be my imagination.

Pinky and The Brain are separed to two different labs...
What is reserved for them?


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