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PostPosted: Monday, February 24th, 2014 - 05:57:35 

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Plot: The archeologist Rudolph Mayers who had found the Pandora Box is betrayed by his adoptive son Demien who wish to use the Pandora Box for his own selfish goals rather than use it for spreading the power of Hope...

In a anvil shaped Zepellin, the archeologist Rudolph Mayers was sorting his papers when his security guards entered in his office...

Rudolph: What's the meaning of this?
I haven't called you here.

The guards remain silent and open path for another man...

????: They'll don't listen to you anymore, Rudolph!
Now, they're my own henchmen.

Rudolph: Damien?
What you're doing?

Damien: Rudolph...
You still don't get it?
I'm taking over this ship.

Rudolph: What?
Are you betraying me??

Damien: After you saved me from starvation when my real parents abandoned me, all I could think was ambition...
I realized that money was everything and only the fittest could survive.
Then, while being taught by you in the ways of archeology I had the ambition of finding a object which could make me the next world's ruler.

Rudolph: What?
You want to use the...

Damien: Yes, I'll use the Pandora Box which you had found.
Many people believed the Pandora Box was a mere myth...
However, Rudolph...
You continued searching for the Pandora Box even after the media alike called you a buffon for trying to prove that a myth was actually real.
And now that you proved the Pandora Box exist, it's the time for me to take it for my goal of world domination.
With the Pandora Box I can even collect the evils from the world rather than just unleashing the power of Hope.

Rudolph is restrained by his own men and...

Rudolph: How you could betray me?
I raised you as my own son...

Damien: Rudolph...
Do not be delusional.
I only used you as a way to earn funds for my ambition.
Now, tell me: where you hid the Pandora Box?

Rudolph: I'll never tell you!
If you lay your hands in the Pandora Box, then the power of Hope which was left will be lost and the world will be only filled with death.

Damien: Have you forgot who is in charge now?
I can even kill you to obtain the Pandora Box for my ambition.

Rudolph: ....

Damien: Your silence says everything...
Marlene is the one who holds the Pandora Box!

Rudolph (surprised): Impossible...
How you figured it??

Damien: That's simple, you would only entrust that relic for your legit daughter and no one else.

Rudolph: It can't be...

Damien: Two of you will keep an eye in Rudolph!
The rest will help me into finding Marlene who must be hidding somewhere.

Damien leaves Rudolph's office and start his search for Marlene who is trying to hid herself with the Pandora Box in the dinning hall...

Marlene (trying to hid herself):...

Suddenly, Damien enters in the dinning hall with his henchmen...

Damien: It's pointless to hid yourself, Marlene!
I have held your father as a prisoner.
Show yourself!!

Marlene show herself and...

Marlene (holding the Pandora Box): Brother...
Why did you betrayed us?

Damien: For ambition, my dear.
Though I was able to treat and respect you as if you were my own little sister, I could still not give up of my ambition.

Marlene (opening the window of the ship): Stay back!!
If you give another step, then I'll throw the Pandora Box through the window!!

Damien (taking a cell phone): Do you forgot that I have your father as a hostage?
All I can do is a single call and my two remaining men will kill your father.

Marlene: Don't do that...

Damien: Decided to colaborate?
That's quite a good girl!

Damien start to walk toward Marlene, but he end up tripping over his shoe laces and fall over...

Damien (who hit his head in the floor): Aaaargh!!

Henchmen (in shock): Boss!!!

Damien get up and...

Damien: Where I am?
What I'm doing here?

Marlene (who got a very good idea): You're a Mime!

Damien start acting like a Mime and silent...

Marlene: Now pretends that you're pulling a rope!

Damien start to pull a imaginary rope and a anvil attached to a rope falls...

Damien (being crushed by the anvil): Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Henchmen: Boss!!!

The henchmen are shocked, but start to cheer for Marlene...

Henchmen: Hurray, Lady Marlene!

Marlene drops the Pandora Box and...

Marlene: What you guys are doing?
Take Damien away and free my father!

Henchmen: Yes!!!

The henchmen leaves with the knocked down Damien and one of them is left behind...

Henchman: "Damien talked big, but he ended up ruining himself..."

The henchman notices the Pandora Box laying on the floor and...

Henchman (who got the relic in his hands): "The Pandora Box...
With that relic, I could rule the world...
But, no...
I don't have what takes to be the next ruler...

The henchman put the box in the window while he take a drink, but accidentally hits the Pandora Box which fall from the ship...

Henchman: Noooooo!!!

Sometime after, the Pandora Box falls in the Warner Brothers Studios and in the head of Ralph who was chasing the Warners...

Ralph: Ouchhhhhhhh!!!

Ralph falls unconscious and Dot notice the Pandora Box...

Dot: What a strange box...

Dot opens it and a hideous beast come out...

Beast: Roaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!

Dot closes the box and...

Dot: Cool!!
I can use this box to keep my pets.

Yakko: She have a odd taste for pets...

Wakko: Go figure...

Dot: I'm anxious to find and raise new pets!

Yakko: Well, how about showing your pet to Dr. Scratchansniff?
I'm sure he'll love it!

Wakko: Hope he don't die of an heart attack!

Dot: Good idea!!

And then, in Dr. Scratchansniff office...

Dot: Do you wish to see my pet?

Dr. Scratchansniff: That's a pretty small box...
What you would be keeping there, Dot?

Dot (opening the box): Hope you like it!

Suddenly a monster is released and....

Dr. Scratchansniff: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

*The End*


PostPosted: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 - 17:01:25 
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tHAT a pretty clever and intresting theory how dot gets her pets

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